The Smiths – This Charming Man Guitar Lesson How To Play Johnny Marr Riff

NOTE: Tune your guitar up one tone to play along with the original recording – its what JM does. You can see it clearly here 🙂 or use a Capo 2 and move everything up 2 frets! 🙂

In this guitar lesson tutorial, we’re learning how to play This Charming Man by The Smiths which features incredible creative guitar work from the layer master Johnny Marr. Bit of a cockup with my mic, cut out for the whole intro when I sat on the cable, but fixed itself when I got to the closeup so didn’t re-make it 🙂

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  1. and here I am learning to play it with my acoustic

  2. This is gorgeous.

  3. does anyone know what effect they use to get this sound?

  4. Wow.great! Smiths are so unique and thanks to the guitar icon genius marr for writing such fresh tastey melodies

  5. I tried doing this on an acoustic. I feel like an absolute tit.

  6. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this up.

  7. thanks mate!! got it in a split second! and you had the stemmmm!

  8. This guy sucks at teaching wtf!

  9. can you play this on acoustic too?

  10. This is a video of Johnny Marr playing the opening part, strums included:

  11. Why was this played on a scale lower than the actual song?

  12. I'm afraid the intro has a mistake: there's not a third "3rd" at the very beginning, at least on the LP record version. It is actually a 4th. Check the two voices/strings and you'll notice the lower one gets stuck in one note, A-A-G#-G#-A-A-G#, right before the weird A major arpegio. Anyway, it is a common mistake I've seen a lot. But I learnt the rest of the song from this video, and I'm gonna teach my kids this song your way. Thanks.

  13. Thank you for this lesson !

  14. What level would this be?

  15. Great job as always, but you guitar needs to sound brighter for this one. You know Johny Marr's sound right.

  16. PlAys it too fast it’s shit

  17. Missing all the good details

  18. Mussolini Bow Beany

    What Kind of Electric guitar do you use?

  19. loved this lesson… Thanks Justin.

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