THE SPEED DEMON! "Bubby Lewis" Exercise | Bass Guitar Tips ~ Daric Bennett's Bass Lessons

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You want to play faster, cleaner, more precise, more dexterity??!?!?!?! Here’s the exercise for you! In this lesson I show you guys an exercise influenced from my good friend Robert Bubby Lewis. Just watch and keep up! Lol Get more free lessons like this and access to the Bass Nation Community here

I get a lot of questions about what strings I use. If you’re interested here’s a link to them below:
Bass Strings
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  1. Don’t take it personal. I love your playing, however I couldn’t see anything different from other lessons, or tips from the other bass players. Honestly you guys from YouTube, doesn’t have nothing to add in knowledge for others. When I mention you, it’s all of these bass players like Scott Devine, Janek I don’t know what, you guys just want use us as a bait, to click and like your videos. You guys should teach us how make music. You should share this gift has been gave to you.

  2. Fingers burning

  3. Whitaker's World

    Daric can you be more specific on the right hand technique for fast picking like that? ALSO, how about ASCENDING riffs too – they seem to be harder.

  4. Grande maestro, siga asi, porfa ponga subtitulos en español hay muchos amigos q lo ven aqui pero solo ven las posiciones pero no entendemos siga adelante

  5. supersonic

  6. living Off Grid McGarvey style

    Another great video. Time to practice this morning.. Thanks for sharing as always. You sure make it fun to watch too. Have a great day..!!

  7. The biggest issue for me with this one is not the 3rd o2nd finger, but the first one. Moving it up and down clearly when playing fast. I tried switching with the 2nd but I watched you video once again and see you're doing it with the first. gotta practice…

  8. samuelvideomaker

    the tip of maintain position is very good, thanks!

  9. Darrell Montgomery

    Great Educator!

  10. a Brother GK user. Great guy.

  11. Hey, Daric. Thanks for posting lessons. I have a question/comment that might benefit people (myself included). I am a long time player trying to pick up my speed game but muting always seems to be the limiting factor more than actual speed of movement in fast runs. Note: I am primarily a fingertip player with my fretting hand. As I've been doing this exercise I have been getting some ringing unless i float my thumb, but that messes with my tone and speed. I note that your plucking hand thumb never even goes to the A string on this one. Can you confirm that you are fretting the D note (7th fret of the G string) not with your fingertip like the rest of the notes but more like with the pad or even second pad of your index finger, thereby keeping the fingertip ready for the D and A strings while also serving to mute the G and D strings? Thanks. I'm pretty sure that's what you are doing but you are so fast that the video maybe can't keep up! Pointing out little subtleties like "how" you fret the note in super fast stuff like this would certainly help people like beginners or experienced people looking to play faster. Thanks!

  12. Hahaha… I like how your dog came in to learn too.

  13. thx master!!

  14. Don't get overwhelmed by scales. The names sound confusing, but the most common ones you'll hear thrown about like it matters, are just major scales that start and end on a different note of the scale (so you could play a C major scale, starting/ending on D – the 2nd interval – and you have Dorian). It seems like music teachers make most of their money by confusing students, and making you learn each one, one by one, until eventually you figure it out on your own and quit taking lessons. Here's a prime example: – absolutely unnecessary and overwhelmingly confusing to explain "This scale is just like that scale except this one note".

    The actual reality is, notes don't matter on bass (or really any instrument). What you will develop with practice, is your ear. And if you don't get too caught up on theory, your brain will learn which shapes your fingers need to be in, to make the sounds you want to play. For bass, especially tho, dynamics and timing are utmost and I would focus way more time on technique than scales. Master your major scales first, then move on with your life. Alternatively, a shortcut is to learn the 5 basic pentatonic positions first.

  15. You dah best (DJ Khalid voice ) the way you break it down is the best no none sensical versions on the web salute

  16. Thanks a lot for this lesson so keep me motivated to practise every day

  17. Nice, thanks

  18. Thanks a lot for this lesson. One question though: What is the advantage of 7/8 in this case?

  19. I really appreciate your training and understanding. You keep it plain, clear and motivational for me to practice RIGHT….(practice doesn't make perfect.. PERFECT practice makes PERFECT. thanks.

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