The Star-Spangled Banner Guitar Lesson (Solo Guitar)

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In this Star Spangled Banner guitar lesson video, I will show you note-for-note how to play my version of what seems to be almost a rite-of-passage for guitar players to play ever since Jimi Hendrix did his version of it at Woodstock.

In my version, I stay with the melody without trying to add to much extra stuff in there. That isn’t to say that I don’t throw some fun guitar techniques in there though. 馃檪

As it progresses, things get a little bit flashier on the technical side of things, but it is still pretty doable for most intermediate guitarists and above.

I have included TAB for this lesson below.

The Star Spangled Banner Guitar Lesson – National Anthem

This version is in standard tuning and played in the key of E major.

I hope you guys enjoy learning this classic melody no matter what country you are from!

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  1. TI Trilluminati TI

    Where are the 21 people who dislike this video sharpens knife

  2. Very good rendition. And not to difficult to handle. Thanks for this

  3. McGuffin Donaldson

    Ya broke mah damn high e string carl

  4. Next Fourth of July I'll be the cool kid playing this

  5. Keep up the good work man you rock this lesson was the best it even got be to where I could play it at football games

  6. Rabbi Stealinshekels Goldshekels

    best rendition imo, this closely follows the actually piece… Jimi's is overrated

  7. can you do the Jimi Hendrix national anthem lesson?

  8. It's the end of August, and I just blew up a bunch of leftover fireworks cause of this. You're awesome man, rock on.

  9. How the dickballs do you get that tone???

  10. Carl Brown you are the coolest cat this side of the Mississippi! Thank you for all you do brotha! Rock on!

  11. Jimmy hendrix RIP in real life and RIP in wolfinstine in 1960

  12. Impressive I'm getting back in to playing my guitar and lookin through your channel

  13. Max Nathan-Simons

    Please do a full lesson on Date Rape by Sublime 馃檪

  14. That was AWESOME!!! Very well done

  15. JoeDaGuitarist 233

    Kirk Hammett approves this video.

  16. tone is amazing for this. Any chance you can share your settings?

  17. Great job Carl. Nicely done. Thanks for posting this. Great tone also!!

  18. Not even 1k likes fuck sakes give this man a like.

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