The Stone Roses-This Is The One-Acoustic Guitar Lesson.

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  1. good video cheers mate

  2. Sounding epic – the little embellishments make it sound spot on 😉

  3. What’s the strumming pattern

  4. The Postman Pat of the Orient Express – Always delivers the goods in First Class style! And unlike the cover of a certain classic, no lemon bitterness about. Keep it going Wayne. Great work to keep it easy for the majority of us and at the same time, spreading the Gospel of the Roses.
    Only slight criticism is the guitar – it'd look a way better in my gaff ;-P A beaut and the way Gibson is going, having a few Epi's might be a good accidental retirement plan.

  5. You need to put tabs on for thr chords

  6. An absolute classic.

  7. great video!

  8. Superb big guy, fairly new to guitar but I'm play all sorts already thanks to your vids. Would love a Don't Look Back In Anger tutorial

  9. Please excuse my rudeness. Grreat fingering. R u on Facebook?Can u make it to Mcr? Can accommodate you, I'm imagining. Text your email on ********* EDITED.

  10. Loved the lessons over time BUT lose the beard and 2 stone, for the sexy skilled dude that' turns a manc girl on. EMMA XX You're still getting me wet,

  11. Quality Wayne. Brilliant track

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