The Strumbellas – Spirits Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Learn to play a fun and easy song called Spirits by an emerging band called The Strumbellas


  1. So good thanks!

  2. Hi im ava, a 12 year old singer song writer. i LOVE this!! Thanks so much! Now i can play my favorite songggg 🙂 ♡

  3. this is amazing, thank you so much for uploading this!

  4. Good lesson. Laid out nicely and easier to understand. Just started learning this song tonight and watched a lot of their live performances. I'm pretty sure the chorus is F-C-Am-G – F-C-Em-Am but playing F-C-Am-G twice sounds good too.

  5. best lesson I ever watch on YouTube

  6. Most excellent Lesson! Thanks so much!

  7. hi ! nice tutorial , just a question , how do you exactly put your fingers for the G chord?

  8. 😮 thx dude. U are Amazing :)

  9. Nice lesson dude, ¿Could you please do Spiderhead by Cage the elephant some day?
    Thanks for your work.

  10. Great work! Could you please do The 1975 soon?

  11. Bridget O'Callahan

    Really great lesson, thanks! Love your channel, you make great song choices :)

  12. Pkmn - Charmander

    Nice lesson

  13. I love this song!

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