THE TIME 777-93-11 Slap Bass Guitar Tutorial Lesson PRINCE EricBlackmonMusicHD

Revised And Re-posted!
Slap Bass Tutorial Series
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  1. Cambridge Bass Lessons

    Great stuff Eric. Greetings from the UK : )

  2. Can you play Search To Find The One by Unlimited Touch?

  3. Thank you so much, brother Eric!! Can you do Jungle Love(guitar or bass) by The Time? Thanks!!!

  4. Thank you so much for the informative lessons. I am playing bass guitar for the first time in many years, and can truly appreciate lessons like this one. Thanks for taking the time to show and explain this riff =)

  5. Your the greatest!!!! Your lessons have taught me a lot. i truly appreciate the time you take to help the unfortunately less talented. Thanks again, i gonna keep watching.

  6. Thanks for taking your time and explaining everything when showing how to play a song I truly appreciate it

  7. Brilliant vid! Great instruction. Thank you!

  8. i love your bass lesson man!!

  9. Wow!, excelent, greetings from chile erick✌

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