The Trooper Guitar Lesson – Iron Maiden – Famous Riffs

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With this “famous riff” lesson we will take a look at the main riff from Iron Maiden’s classic “The Trooper” off their Piece of Mind album.

This lesson is actually going to cover a couple of riffs, the intro and the harmony guitar part before the vocals come in.

The biggest challenge in this The Trooper guitar lesson video will definitely be the quick shifts required to play it up to speed. There is a pattern in the riff that is basically just repeated 3 times so that part of it is simple to understand.

The first thing I think you should focus on would be the pattern first. Then it will just be a process of playing the pattern after every shift. Easier said than done I know, but anything worth doing always requires a little bit of work. 🙂

From there we arrive at the cool little harmony guitar section. This type of harmony guitar stuff is definitely an Iron Maiden signature. What I demonstrate in the lesson is just one of the harmony lines. When I teach the entire song I will be sure to include every harmony part.

Speaking of learning the entire song. If you want to learn all the classic metal guitar parts of this song simply help this video get 600 YouTube “likes”.

In any case, just remember to take everything nice and slow. This is the kind of riff that can lock into your hands pretty easily, so just give it time to do so before playing it up to full speed. 🙂

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  1. Ok c pas énorme enfaîte je veux te tapé

  2. Luciano Quartarone

    What's I have ti do for get full video lesson?

  3. Luciano Quartarone

    What's I have ti do for get full video lesson?

  4. this is for anime fans so if you don't like anime, keep scrolling

    has anyone noticed that the riff sounds similar the opening for "nanbaka"? cuz when I heard the riff at first I thought "nanbaka opening"

  5. I swear my fingers have a mind of their own. I did learn it eventually once I understood what a hand was.

  6. I learned the whole of sweet child o mine with this guy

  7. Dude this guy is so good

  8. Dude, what software do you use for editing ?

  9. love how your teaching style is more towards the intermediate player, makes it so much easier to learn stuff. Thanks!

  10. Amp settings?

  11. Grand Theft Rondo

    I just got into guitar guys, what guitar is that? Is it a strat?

  12. thanks man good video and specific lesson <you rock keep it up

  13. Guglielmo Ferranti

    I'm so proud of myself for finally being able to play this.

  14. This is so cool I learn a lot from your videos thank you so much.

  15. Make sure you teach Judas Priest Painkiller.

  16. Your really helping me you helped me master of puppets down too dude thanks

  17. cOOL ….

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