The ULTIMATE Beginners Bass Guitar Course!

Welcome to my ultimate beginners bass guitar course! Below you will find the different sections. In this lesson, you will learn about the function of the Bass, the parts, how to hold, how to play, how to read tab, plus blues lines to learn as well as rocky, funky and normal lines to learn. We also look at the economy of motion, and plenty of beginner Bass techniques.

Tab’s support the lessons, as well as drum beats to play along to. The lesson gets increasingly harder as it goes on.

SECTION ONE: Three important things: 1:00

SECTION TWO: Your Bass guitar & How to hold your Bass guitar: 2:24

SECTION THREE: How to play your Bass guitar: 7:13

SECTION FOUR: How to read tablature 12:32

SECTION FIVE: The economy of motion: 16:20

SECTION SIX: 17:44 (4/4) Normal line 19:11 Funky line 22:43 Rocky line 26:10 Bluesy line 29:41 + Drum beats & Tablature.

SECTION SEVEN: 32:20 Looking at different time signatures: (3/4) Line 1: 33:50 Line 2: 37:00

SECTION EIGHT: 39:24 Slightly harder lines in 4/4 including slides & Hammer-ons. (4/4) Normal line: 40:14 Funky Line: 42:37 Rocky Line: 45:23 Hammer-on exercise: 48:33

Drum beats for practice:

Easy songs to learn on Bass:

Tons of great beginner lines to learn!





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  1. rubberbandlevin

    Great explanations, but your tab at 21.37 stopped me in my tracks, I was so frustrated because it didn't make sense to me that I was sure I was reading it wrong, even though logically I knew the tab was wrong.Please remember that for people like me this is the first attempt at playing Bass and learning tab so most of us will blame ourselves for being stupid and give up!
    I was about tocall it quits until I read some comments about other tabs also being incorrect, please address this as ignoring it does not help.
    Apart from that, great lesson.Mike

  2. hopefully this will get my dad playing bass instead of complaining​ about the cost of my habit lol but good video also my dad has a hang nail that stopped him because left hand wasn't available for guitars​ in his youth and of course he over looked bass I almost did to scary if I would have

  3. Bas Groeneveld

    Blow people's pants off with it's magnificanse…

  4. Thank you for the good intro lesson. The tab at 44:26 is wrong, the 3-5 on the D string should be a 5-7.

  5. I'll be coming back along the way – this looks awesome!

  6. thanks man this was so helpful

  7. i love this guy #hero

  8. Bruce Boughton

    watchin your vids for the first time…really like your approach and lightheartedness! Exactly what I need right now! Keep it up, I'm subscribed and ready to play!!

  9. Good thanks,Ok GOOD, So can you teach me how to play the reggae Bass as new beginner? I'm a beginner now starting if you also have any stuffs that can help me in how to read the chord on my five strings bass guitar, I just bought brand new five string electric bass and I want to learn it within short time. So i know YOU can help because with help of this your lesson I'm improving.

  10. Thanks a lot for the course

  11. Frenchnostalgique

    The tab is wrong at 21:50 but so far I'm doing great, so not complaining !

  12. every song and technique I've learned from watching you. thank you

  13. Brigitte Abraham

    Very cool. I am a drummer trying to learn bass. It helped me a lot. Thanks

  14. Your tab is wrong at 21:21

  15. ShannonTheDragon

    5:06 Yes, hold it close. Hug your dear best friend for life, because best friends look out for each other. (:

  16. Anthony teodoro

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!

  17. Do you have ANY advise for a guy that has short fat fingers?

  18. I swear this is the best bass beginners vid like you would just say a sentence and my mind would explode with knowledge that all the other peoples videos wouldn't have.Keep up the good work man

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