The White Stripes – Offend In Every Way – Electric Guitar Lesson

How to play “Offend In Every Way” by The White Stripes on electric guitar. A quick guitar lesson on one of my favorite white stripes songs!

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  1. easier if you play the C on the 3rd fret of the A string rather than the 8th fret of the E

  2. Subscribed. Shocked at how you have less than 1500 subscribers- each video i've watched since watching this one is just as high quality. You play the song first, then teach, and you take your time explaining each note. Heard this song for the first time on Friday, watched this video today, monday afternoon, and now I can play it just like you can. Can't thank you enough. Gonna move on to some of your Cage the Elephant videos next!

  3. Dude can you make a video teaching us the song Don't cry by the Guns&Roses

  4. How about an As Ugly as I Seem lesson?

  5. Can you tell me what guitar that is please? Thanks…

  6. Can next Song be, Take Me With You When You Go? Please.

  7. Great video, keep em coming, also i think it would be cool if you taught little bird, i have allready learned it, but it would be cool if more people knew it on here (there are no lessons for it). Anyways, Great video and keep the lessons coming.

  8. Jolene, by the White Stripes

  9. Thanks a bunch man, this is great!

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