The Who – Baba O’riley – Super Easy Beginner Rock Guitar Lesson – Electric Guitar Lessons

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  1. nicely done

  2. you are not holding your guitar right

  3. Marty Rocks!!

  4. Brilliant

  5. I didn't really like it you could only really recognize the song because of the rhythm but a part from that it didn't sound good I think it may have been because of your amp settings but I've noticed it on other tutorials you've done including the who songs

  6. i guess i have god damn midget hands, because there is no way im getting my ring finger to the 3th fret without cutting it off and glueing the fucker to the string.

  7. Huh he uses the same amp as me 🙂 wasnt the song i was lookin for tho lol

  8. Unclear instructions, but I managed it. Thanks anyway.

  9. Marty looks a lot like Jonah Hill HAHAHAHA

  10. You are awesome!

  11. Dood

  12. Ur epic dodo

  13. You are probably sipping champaign with Kanye and Jz tonight…thanks for the lesson..bringing family harmony..

  14. Check out my Who covers on my channel

  15. How many hours a day did you practice guitar when you started out

  16. Dimitris Chatziapostolou

    Amazing dude!Thank you so much!I can actually play power chords!!!!


  18. can you do a video for won't get fooled again?

  19. what songs do you not do you sexy mother fucker

  20. jesus christ this is so much more helpful than anything else on youtube. thank god

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