The Who – Behind Blues Eyes – How to Play – Acoustic Guitar Songs – Guitar Lesson Tutorial

The Who - Behind Blues Eyes - How to Play - Acoustic Guitar Songs - Guitar Lesson Tutorial

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  1. Thanks for the video.

  2. dude, try borrowing a guitar from your mom, then almost smashing it out of rage.

  3. You really make learning easy and fun. I was so frustrated with my guitar, I was going to sell it.

    Now I am probably going to keep it lol

  4. U are literally one of the best teachers on YouTube. Your videos are always easy to understand and you always play the song exactly how I hear it. Keep up the good work I love your tutorials!!

  5. marty your the the man

  6. Marty! Fantastic lesson, I find that emphasizing the string skipping isn't that important for this song, and also when your picking through that D chord I find it better to just keep picking it and hammer on the Dsus4 instead of just pick once through as Dsus4 shape, thoughts anyone? And also this is still by far the best one i've seen on youtube, keep em comin :P

  7. hey marty thanks for all the lessons, you have been a great help over the years, nice song nice job

  8. Patrick Dalesandro

    Dude I just wrote you and erased the whole thing like a DUMBASS! Hahahaha. Anyway, your awesome man and I've learned a lot from you and wanted to thank you for the INSPIRATION!!!!!

  9. กัญชาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาาา   (rasta

  10. "E minor to G, and a D, D with the pinky and off, a weird C kinda thing, and an Asus2"

    What beautiful lyrics this song has

  11. great tutorial I play this on piano using harpsichord and it sounds just like this.

  12. hes always stoned

  13. You should do a tutorial on the song pinball wizard – The Who as I'd love to learn, but all the YouTube instructional's don't explain the strumming pattern very well.

  14. Another brilliant lesson. Marty is the master of teaching these things.

  15. now that you said that it's more obvious than the guitar in his hand

  16. I've watched many of your videos and u r a awesome teacher and an amazing guitar player

  17. which version is he playing

  18. John Prentice III

    Hey I just wanted to say this is my first time viewing one of your videos, wow you have an awesome way with your teaching man! Keep up the great work! I hope I can learn to play like you!

  19. behind "blues" eyes…lol…I think I'm the only one who caught that

  20. thank you for all the great lessons over the years Marty 🙂

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