Theory Guitar Lesson Using Triads

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Here’s a theory based lesson that should help your fretboard knowledge. Also, thanks for supporting MartyMusic, there’s a lot of new things on the way………..



  1. Nice lesson. Great intro to papa staches intermediate video with focus on the embellishments.

  2. Simply the best YouTube teacher, imo. I bought lifetime videos online worth every penny.

  3. too fast

  4. Great job dude. Thanks

  5. This is actually good… I've watched so many of Marty's vids under different channel names, but this one finally jived with where I'm at, after being tutored on +Sean Daniel's channel for months… Finding the Arpeggios of chords helps so much, and being able to play them anywhere on the neck is crucial to being a progressively better guitarist. I took "Hey Joe" and rooted all 5 chords between the 7th to 9th fret, and found a great new exercise. Thanks!

  6. I,m inbarest that have been playing for 40 years and learning so much stuff from you and the way you teach it makes it very clear and understandable , not like prior teachers I had so many years ago, thank you Marty Now I have been teaching beginners and I just tell them to look at all your videos

  7. Awesome, Marty 🙂

  8. That was fun. Thank you

  9. works better when you tune the guitar

  10. Sounds like willie Nelson style.

  11. Hey Marty…where you going with that guitar in your hand? haha #hendrix

  12. zowie wowie maaan ,,, thanks cool and easyish

  13. Mhabs Ashley Odyuo

    Please do A B F and E using triad

  14. Thanks Marty! I actually stand a chance of understanding music theory with you teaching it, lol.


    C-G-D-A that's mean circle of fifth right…

  16. Root? You mean "bass note"?

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