Note for note Chord Melody Jazz Guitar LESSON on There Will Never Be Another You. Guitar Chords &melody simult. + TABS!

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Chord Melody Jazz Guitar Lesson :
This kind of arrangement lets you play the jazz guitar chords and the melody of There Will Never Be Another You at once. So you can perform this alone as a solo guitar piece.

There Will Never Be Another You guitar chords :
You`ll learn all the guitar chords. They aren’t that hard, so give it a try! There are simple chords and quite advanced guitar chords in my arrangement. I`ll also tell you why I used certain voicings.

There Will Never Be Another You melody guitar :
The melody is included in my arrangement. It is always the top note of the chord, sometimes single notes.

There Will Never Be Another You guitar tabs :
I`ve made guitar TABs of my arrangement. They are available via Paypal or Patreon for you from the link above. Please support my work. It takes a lot of time to shoot and edit these videos and make the TABS.

Jazz Guitar Lesson chord melody :
I have many chord melody guitar lessons on my channel, ranging from very easy to advanced levels. Please check them out, if you`re interested in chord melody jazz guitar playing.

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  1. 0:36 There Will Never Be Another You Regular Tempo
    2:03 Section A1 Explanation Phrase 1
    7:09 Phrase 1 Slow Tempo
    7:29 Phrase 2
    12:30 Phrase 2 Slow Tempo
    12:52 Phrase 3
    18:06 Phrase 3 Slow Tempo
    18:29 Phrase 4
    23:01 Phrase 4 Slow Tempo
    23:26 Section A1 Slow Tempo
    24:19 Section A2 Explanation Phrase 5
    30:14 Section A2 Slow Tempo
    31:05 There Will Never Be Another You Slow Tempo

  2. Great song, great lesson, don't miss this one. Many, many thanks!!!

  3. Requires a lot of…."dexterity" and muscle coordination. A little challenging, but worth the effort. Thanks for your anticipated understanding and patience.

  4. Thanks a lot! you are great!! 🙂

  5. Nice harmonies and playing. Great patient teaching as well. Thank you! Jz

  6. I love discovering great song lessons I 've missed. A belated thanks for this one. Actually, I may have been intimidated when this was originally posted but now seems within my skill set.(Thanks to many of your lessons). Many, many thanks

  7. Robert Charles Costalat

    In the moment I'm trying this lesson.

    I tried to send you this by email in response to your wishes. Thank you for your wish (little Christmas). In return, I wish you a great musical Christmas, with lots of notes as toys. And once again, thank you for sharing your knowledge, your passion, friendship, and especially the gift of yourself for others around you.

    I offer you a song that I interpret Leonard Cohen: SUZANNE. I allowed myself for this recovery, freedom, my taste, and my expression.

    For this Christmas, listen my cover, and give me your opinion because I build these arrangements just to have fun, because I'm retired.


    Robert Charles Costalat.

  8. wow what an excellent analysis, explanation and demonstration thank you.

  9. Robert Charles Costalat

    very good lesson, thank you so much Sandra

  10. Ismael Melendez

    Gracias. From. PR

  11. Thanks a lot, Sandrrrra!

  12. Gracias!

  13. I have been playing rock pop and blues for some time. I have wanted to get into jazz ,but, it seemed so intimidating. Your lessons make it accesible, thank you so much.

  14. Wonderful , ill keep following you

  15. Jersit Music & Productions

    Thank Sandra you're such a great teacher, i've learnt a lot from you. You teach good. Love your teachings

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