Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran – Reading Bass Tabs Tutorials (Jellynote Lesson)

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Hey guys! Here is a video explaining the reading of bass tabs. We hope this is helpful and that you enjoy it!

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  1. Thank u so much…

  2. Awesome vid

  3. You're all over the place between what you're saying and showing on screen.

    Get your shit together, mate.

  4. Nice and easy I could play this and I've only been playing bass for 2 1/2 days

  5. Filippo Salvalaggio

    Great Teacher! Thank you so much

  6. Thanks for your Video !! I am on way to practice this Cover and that Helped a TON !

  7. Great job!

  8. But what's the deal with numbers that are higher than there are frets ? Like in Stolen dance

  9. can you do ace how long has this been going on buy paul carrack

  10. more of this thanks

  11. I love this video good!

  12. Thanks

  13. Dude, I just learned more from you and this video in five mins than I have from any one of my friends or other video's on here. It's not bad to tell people things that people assume are obvious or known because they think it's simple but some people like me don't know shit yet so the little things I need to know. I guess what I'm saying is explain everything and repeat it when it comes up cause I've been playing bass for 7 days. One thing I've noticed about these videos is the person making the video holds the bass and plays in a way where you can't tell where or what strings he's playing. His fingers are all bunched up to where I can't see if he's playing all 4 strings or just two? IDK? I guess I'll figure it out?!!

  14. Nice! I've never even played the bass before but that was super easy to understand!!

  15. Super thank you so much I am ready now for my Jam next wednesday 🙂 . Bises from Fontainebleau (France)

  16. Fem Bassist/Vocalist

    Love Kids will be pleased..learning their fav!

  17. Κωστας Λιλης

    great job , thank you!

  18. ongoing thank you so much it was so helpful now I know the whole song and I can't thank you enough

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