Third Eye Blind How's It Going To Be Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

I wonder how’s it gonna be, when you know how to play this song, you can learn it from me! Breaking down How’s it Going to Be by Third Eye Blind on acoustic guitar today. Grab your guitars and capos and let’s get playing!

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  1. Jaden Trujillo

    Could you please do a tutorial on Burn it to the Ground by Nickelback? I really want to learn how to play it. I’ve tried finding other tutorial videos but none of them are good.
    Also thank you for all the tutorials! You’ve made learning guitar a lot easier for me!

  2. You should do Danny’s song please

  3. yasseen ghandour

    Please do a lesson on r&b!

  4. You should do a Skeggs tutorial

  5. Please do an "all the faces" tutorial for acoustic by Creed Bratton!

  6. Great stuff as always Marty!! Have you considered doing “Heart Explodes” by The Darkness for a future lesson? I know you did ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ a while back and wondered if you’d do any of their other tracks.

  7. Endorphins Overdose

    Hey there , I just started guitar and I don’t know to be honest what chords do I need to press like , I have to press the only chords I’m actually trying to play a song or something or it’s struming pattern ?
    Sorry for my english also

  8. I have Memories of first hearing this song in New York City. I was thinking about it a lot when you just happened to post this!

  9. I'd love to see a lesson on the Isely Brothers 'Voyage to Atlantis', especially the solo in the beginning. Some sweet licks there.

  10. Hey! I’ve been trying to learn FIND OUT ABOUT LOVE by Bachman turner overdrive, and I can’t find any tabs or anything about this song! PLEASE help! Would greatly appreciate it!

  11. Can you please do nirvana sliver.

  12. That’s a beautiful Gibson, and a great song. I don’t know if you do requests or not but if you do could you do Rainbow Eyes by Rainbow it’s one of my favorite songs

  13. Thank you for doing a Third Eye Blind song Marty! You're the best

  14. I love this song!!

  15. This is one of my favourite songs ! I have learnt so much from your lessons, and you have even inspired my twelve year to take up guitar ! I am so greatful for you to be here for us when we need a half decent guitar tutor on youtube, you are the best keep up the good work my man.

  16. George McCready

    Could you oh me by nirvana

  17. Marty i'd like to request "Nobody's Darlin"

  18. Marty you’ve gotta do hotel California Solo lesson

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