Third Stone from the Sun 🎸Jimi Hendrix’s Mixolydian Melody: Guitar Lesson, Exploration & Challenge

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Video Chapters 🎸:
Bass loop: 0:00
Play Through of the Riff in 10 Different ways: 0:10
Intro to Lesson from Gary: 3:20
The Challenge: 3:48
Examples of the Challenge: 4:21
2nd Bassline Lesson: 4:15
Theory and Analysis: 6:00
Guided Phrase by Phrase Lesson for Beginners: 8:27
Playing the Riff w/ Octaves: 8:23
How to mute other strings w/ octaves: 10:30
Patreon Perks Explained: 11:01
Bringing the riff alive with slides and vibrato: 11:45
How to Play Octaves, and Mute Strings: 12:18
An exercise for mastering scale shapes and learning by ear: 17:24
Shout out to my Patrons!!! 18:49

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