THIS is My Favorite R&B Guitar Chord! [R&B Guitar Lesson from Kerry 2 Smooth] Want to discover what is one of my favorite chords? Watch this lesson. Hi, my name is Kerry 2 Smooth! I am a guitarist, producer, and instructor from Los Angeles, California. I desire to help as many people as I possibly can unlock their full potential as a guitar player. YouTube is one of my favorite ways to do so.

In this R&B guitar tutorial, I’m going to teach you my favorite chord – the minor 11 in the 6th string position. I learned this chord while in the army. It has a soft and subtle feel to it. Once I started using it, it quickly became my favorite chord!

I’m going to give you a guitar exercise you can use to learn this chord in the key of F. I’ll use this chord for the ii and iii in the Key of F Major. The chord progression I’m doing is ii-iii-vi. Instead of doing the minor 7, I’m using the minor 11. Then I challenge you to interchange the minor 7 and the minor 11 within the same chord progression.

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About This Video:
In this video, Kerry 2 Smooth shares what is his favorite R&B guitar chord. He’ll show you how to play it, and then he teaches you an exercise you can practice using the ii-iii-vi chord progression.
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  1. Kerry "2 Smooth" Marshall

    Feel free to leave a comment or question below. Thanks!

  2. That’s a great chord. I learned that plus many others from Mickey Baker’s book that was published in the 50s

  3. Can you do D’Angelo- When We Get By!? I feel like your style would compliment it very well. Also it’d make a dope lesson

  4. Awesome awesome! My man! I don't have a guitar but I do have a guitarlele it's a 6 stringed hybrid of a guiatr and ukulele tuned ADGCEA I'm sure this these chord shapes will work on it but they will be a fourth higher . Can you do a video on how to use diminished chords and cool scales to use when playing R&B. Thank you

  5. What guitar is this & what pups you use? Also that tone is great, how is it ?

  6. My favorite is the C major chord

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong. But, aren’t you playing a m7 for the VI in your progression? Can you build a m11 from the A string?

  8. This lesson is a real gem, the type of thing you can go and immediately add to lots and lots of songs. Real nice to add that typical RnB richness to the chord vocab. THX K2S!

  9. Definitely one of my favorite “go to” chords….along with the minor 9th chord, minor 11th has a “sympathetic” voicing to it…definitely more DYNAMIC and DARK in my opinion….THANX 4 SHARING THIS CLIP….!!

  10. Hey K, could that also be a Cm11 as well? I absolutely LOVE those chord voicing structures. I'm just now getting N2 different variations of minor 11ths why I ask'd.

  11. Could you please include more (MUCH more) of the "why" and "what" behind all the filler stuff you play between and on top of the main chord shapes in a progression? That's the stuff many of us are chomping at the bit to learn and understand. I very eagerly checked out the Kamp but disappointingly ended up not subscribing specifically because I didn't see enough of THAT kind of stuff being fully explained and taught. I kept finding videos that had me shouting, "wait! wait! show us THAT stuff!" as you zipped by playing filler material between and on top of chords in the progressions without ever stopping to explain the what and why behind what you were during those super cool in between moments so we could learn and do it too (and more importantly understand how, why, and when to do it). It's frustrating when students are taught a basic chord or the basic chords of a progression only to watch the instructor take that basic chord/progression and add all kinds of super cool extra stuff to it that makes it much more musically interesting while he improvises and jams but then he sadly doesn't teach and explain that extra stuff to us in as full detail as he does the basic stuff that many of us already know. Take this the right way, because the concept of the Kamp is a fantastic one (this is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, and I think you may have already worked on improving the camera angles from far away shots to close ups), but it's the awesome FILLER stuff that you play (the icing that you add on top of the basic cake to make things more musical) that many of us would really like to see you focus on, shed more light on, and teach us with just as much (in fact more) explanation and detail as you do the basic chords in a progression. I hope that makes sense and wasn't too negative (I hate being negative because I love this channel and the Kamp's potential for true greatness) but I was honestly sad that the Kamp material didn't quite live up to my expectations due to the aforementioned reasons, but hopefully the things I found lacking (and not all people will since we all learn differently) will be provided in the future. If they were, I'd more than reconsider joining because the end product (the music) is joy to the ears. It's just the getting there that I feel needs a bit more explanation, especially when it comes to icing the basic cake and knowing how to put everything together cohesively. Peace.

  12. Amazing teacher! keep it up. You're helping me progress a lot!

  13. So good! Thank you.

  14. Much love from one army vet to another!

  15. Dammit, you've done it again! Thx my man! Ur videos, my axe! Let's get it!

  16. Excellent lesson Kerry! Learned about the minor 11th chord in Kerry’s Kamp along with the Bill Withers song Lovey Day which I absolutely love playing! Also when I leaned about the number system on your site as well. That said thanks for the well explained clear and concise “focused” lesson which really reinforced my understanding of it. Also thanks for the chord charts, that’s always a plus as well. Much respect and continued success!

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