This Should Be Everyone’s First Guitar Lesson

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I’ve been teaching over 25 years now and realized that when I taught this free introductory lesson, 98-99% of the students came back and signed up. Here it is both for teachers and for new students. Check out all my videos at: and/or Patreonize me at: Thanks!
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  1. I've been playing for 20 years. I just watched for shiz and gigz but to the new player these are some good lessons.

  2. the first song I ever learnt was La Bamba

  3. I was watching another online lession the other day, and the guy was just like "move your arm not the wrist", which didn't make much sense to me, I played the violin and I know that to move a bow correctly and fast and precisely without eccessive effort that would make you tired soon, you need to move the wrist. Yeah different instruments but the concept is similar. Thank you for this lesson. I would have probably started the wrong way.

  4. Great video and introductory lesson!

    You make a great point that just learning a couple simple chords is all you need to find guitar very satisfying. I won’t be selling out stadiums any time soon, but I am motivated to keep practicing, learning and playing!

  5. I've been playing since 2000 and I'd never heard the mnemonic Eddie ate Dynamite good-bye Eddie. That is so funny and easy to remember

  6. Hey man, this was actually really beneficial for teachers too.

  7. From what I've heard if we place the guitar on the left leg, when we stand up the guitar is in the same position. But you said the opposite. Don't know what is the truth

  8. its so annoying when he keeps looking off to the left or right to read the script for this lesson like in 8:19 you can tell hes reading off something

  9. Learn some old school Megadeth riffs and solo's. That crazy unhinged shit will get you some metal head coochie big time

  10. Jána & Robert Tackett


  11. Noahabner Thompson

    That fecker Eddie has helped me so much and all he did was eat some shit n blow up

  12. Thank you for this video. I've been playing for decades, but this a great reminder not to forget the basics.

  13. Failure is the price of admission…'s the people that KEEP pushing in it's Face, that succeed and get to ride! Learning guitar is nothing but winning "small" victories….one-by-one…..over and over. If you want it bad enough, you'll get it.

  14. Second thing should be how to use the pick with your extended fingers and not hit the rest of the notes.

  15. wilfredo nilast castillo santana

    You had a video about doodling vs soloing what happened with that one art -of -guitar

  16. Elks And Deers Got Big Ears

  17. Brandon Marco Ferrer

    2:07 he caught us offguard

  18. I’m going sound like an old codger, so bear with me…
    I’ve been playing going on 30 years. Proper guitar lessons were far and few between, and it was really obsession and neglecting my responsibilities that allowed my to be an accomplished (and I use that term in its most ambiguous sense) guitarist. Most of the lesson channels I subscribe to are for beginning and intermediate artist, and this guy is pretty good at it.

  19. That guitar is beautiful

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