Three Days Grace – Never To Late – Guitar Lesson – How To Play

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Three Days Grace – Never To Late – Guitar Lesson – How To Play Brett Papa papastachepop papastache102 papastache
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  1. Too*

  2. nice and easy song. I play guitar for a couple of years and this is just fun. Learned it in 1 hour and nice to play with the orginal song.

  3. 福ニコラスNicholas

    Funny thing , I’m wearing the same hat

  4. You did a fucking terrible job at explaining the song #findsometalent

  5. Youre not really suposed to mute the strings man, when you let them ring out it gives it a bit of this lonely kind of feeling and thats how you match the loneliness and ssdness of never too late

  6. how do you get that clanky noise on your guitar?I am playing everything right but for reason when I play it my strings sounds really muffled.

  7. DarkNebulatic Elite

    Riff sorry for the typo error

  8. DarkNebulatic Elite

    Awesome tutorial and intro ridf

  9. Why does this sound so wrong on my guitar. It's tuned right open but sounds off once I'm holding down anywhere on the frets. Just this song tho.

  10. I have a question…in your lesson you explain that you are in Drop D tuning…yet you refer to the "E" string. Is this convention while playing in Drop D? (to retain the nomenclature from Standard?) I'm new to Drop D and I'd like to get it correct.

  11. Just learnt it after thirty minutes of watching it. Thank you dude

  12. Dude, I thank you so much! It's sooo fun playing the guitar!

  13. I know this vid is old but, and I only started learning this song recently, but I have been having difficulty with something. If there are any guitarists who also sing, why am I having such horrible difficulty doing both at the same time? Im doing decent with pretty much all of the guitar, but as soon as I try to sing along I become out of sync and EVERYTHING stops.

  14. Nice lesson! Subscribing now

  15. Cashmere Jordan

    Thank you so much for this video. Started training to learn it yesterday, the video I saw said to do it different (open D then D-10 D-8 D-7 to A-8 and then repeat. this is much easier

  16. link didn't work for me could you do : Untraveled Road by Thousand Foot Krutch

  17. can you teach bad girlfriend by theory of a deadman please?

  18. I usually have the problem of setting the amplifier to match the sound, I am a beginner, any help?

  19. +PapastachePop Learned it in 3 minutes after the video. Great tutorial man, love the break down. Well deserved like. Keep it up!

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