Three Little Birds – Bob Marley – Acoustic Guitar Lesson (easy -ish)

Here is an acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Bob Marley song – Three Little Birds.
Please note: I have tuned my guitar down half a step for the vocal, play in standard tuning to match the original. You can access a tutorial for detuning by half a step to allow you to play along to this video at the following link: Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here: 🙂
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  1. Thanks Alan:)) Love you!!!

  2. very good Alan Robinson..very good… Great performance….guitar acoustic very good…

  3. Geoffrey Carpenter


  4. Amazing arrangement ❤

  5. What do I do when the three top strings turn yellow? Someone help me

  6. BENJIKA Shey Fon Wo Yuf

    thanks a million bro. jah bless

  7. AmzNMayz MovieStarPlanet

    This helps me to revise

  8. Thanks, best guitar accompaniment for this song I've heard yet.

  9. Хорошо поёшь ))))

  10. alan you simply make the best tutorials. could you PLEASE do waiting in vain for us? One of the best bob marley songs and im so curious how you would rock and explain it!!

  11. Hello Alan. Thanks a lot for the awesome video! I'm wondering what happens if I don't tune the guitar down by half a step? Can you please explain a little?

  12. Thanks, once again my dear Al ! Cheers

  13. Thanks man…u help me a lot…i learned this awesome song…and when i song it my firend who love reggie…he say I'm amazing…but no its you bro! thx a lot! U got my sub nad like 😉

  14. ALAN, thank you very much! It's just great!=)

  15. Any tips on changing cords? i started 3 days ago and looked at your cold play "the scientist" and this song c:

  16. Very nice. Thanks for the tutoring.

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