Three Little Birds, Bob Marley – Easy Acoustic Songs Guitar Lesson – Beginner Guitar lesson

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  1. Robbie Valeriote


  2. you're awesome! around LA??

  3. bruh is there any song you didn't have shown in lesson video? evrey time i search "… guitar lesson" there's a video from you xD awsome!!

  4. Write…….

  5. Joel oludare Brandon

    I like your channel

  6. I just started,fingers hurt,ha,ha.I will not quit .Ty

  7. strumming patterns is at 3:15

  8. Is the strumming pattern Up Down Down Down Up Down ?

  9. Nice singing

  10. whats the "squeeze" pattern? haha

  11. Hi Marty, thanks for all your sweet videos, they've really helped me learn to play 🙂 One thing I don't understand with 3 Little Birds, is that playing with the bar chords doesn't seem to match up with the normal changes from La (A) to Re (D) to Mi (E), because the bar chord E is a higher note then bar chords A and D, but lower note when played normally…? it just doesn't seem right to my ears played with the bar chords…

  12. Marty Schwartz saved my life. I was homeless and singing in the streets without an instrument for a long time until a fan of my work gave me a guitar. I have been writing my my own music since the age of 9, and I am better at it because of Marty Schwartz guitar lessons!! Because of your guitar lessons, I got on American IDOL, and I was featured on HUGE Billboards all over the USA. Today, I play shows for a living. I still sing in the streets from time to time, but it's hard for people to believe that it only took two weeks for me to learn how to play the guitar. To know who I am or listen to my music, please type "Write and Erase" Rocky Peter on youtube. Thanks for your kindness Marty!! It's awesome that you help people you don't even know. Thank you a million times for your lessons. God bless you. I will post this on more video of you until you see this message. Pls like this comment so that Marty can see it

  13. hand bird hoooh hooooh hooooo lollll funny…

  14. sharty shorts what a shity name

  15. Could you make a video on the little outro solo at the end

  16. Thank you

  17. This is the best version i found. Thanks Marty. But i can't say your voice is great !

  18. Chantel du plessis

    Marty whats the strum pattern please???

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