Three Must-Know Blues Scales

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  1. not well explaimed .. i exercised the scale at the 3 fred as shown .. but you dont show or explain how to jump … this is insuffizient ..

  2. Basically that dominant scale sounds like when you want to try experimenting with differents notes other than the pentatonic scale.

  3. jeoebdosheifbdlsh kehdidebifbeeifb

    Fui fazer estes "band" com meu violão de 150,00 R$= 50$ e quebrei uma corda.

  4. Nd i understand no fucking thing shit it means im ignorant

  5. Does this also work on drums?

  6. Starts at 0:56

  7. finally someone that makes sense, thanks for the vid

  8. Susantha Paranagama

    what an egoistic ass hole…..jumping straight into an altered scale without any explanation. waste of time watching this shit head

  9. any tips on how to mix these scales together?

  10. How about whole tone and diminish scale many blues player use them

  11. allan Holdsworth watches the video * , why there is no enigmatic scale in here ? 🙁

  12. …….so..what about the actual blues scale???????

  13. I'm annoyed by this… Which key is it in? Em? There are tons of minor pentatonic scales. What I hate about music is how folks tell you half or only part of whatever and then don't give a proper scale. UGH! I hate this crap.

    Partly cool… Bruh!

  14. i recommend the a minor scale for faster blues

  15. The third scale is beyond me. Thank you for a great lesson.

  16. What guitar is this

  17. The only guitar players who can get anything out of this video are players who already know this.

  18. I really love to use the Mixolidian pentatonic… sounds AWESOME with blues!

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