Three Years Playing the Electric Guitar – Month by Month Progress

Three Years Playing the Electric Guitar - Month by Month Progress

Here is my progress throughout my first three years playing the electric guitar! I started playing guitar in January 2016 as an adult beginner and I’ve been entirely self-taught through the help of the internet. Since I already have 1 and 2 year progress videos, this one focuses more on year 3. I think the thing I progressed most at this year was starting to figure out how to use the guitar more creatively to express myself :).

I played almost every day when I was able to, usually for an hour or more. However, I have been dealing with an on and off nerve injury in a fretting hand finger, so I was forced to take probably a little over a month off over the course of the year.

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My Gear:

Thank you so much as always for all of the support along this journey! If you are coming directly from a previous progress video, year 3 starts at 2:40.

Song List:
0:10 Crazy On You – Heart
0:18 Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple
0:26 Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin
0:41 Cirice – Ghost
1:07 Square Hammer – Ghost
1:15 Poison – Alice Cooper
1:28 Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
1:35 Cirice – Ghost
1:41 She Is My Sin – Nightwish
1:59 For Whom the Bell Tolls – Metallica
2:12 Misirlou – Dick Dale
2:27 Poison – Alice Cooper
2:41 Ace of Spades – Motorhead
3:07 Ever Dream – Nightwish
3:42 Rats – Ghost
3:56 Back in Black – AC/DC
4:16 Awakening – Me 🙂
5:14 Du Hast – Rammstein
5:52 Enter Sandman – Metallica
6:05 Cirice – Ghost
6:16 Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
6:44 Halloween Theme (Metal)
7:29 Back in Black – AC/DC
7:39 Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses
8:08 Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen


  1. To keep the video shorter I only included limited clips from years 1 and 2. If you'd like to see more of what I learned over those years as well check out Year 2: and Year 1: 🙂

  2. Why does your bass have 6 strings?????

  3. Well now I just feel like a piece of shit

  4. Umm your bass has 6 strings? Why? Weird…

  5. What is wrong with you'r bass? Why does it have 6 strings on it? That is the smallest bass I have ever seen

  6. Have you already looked for an group?
    I mean, it's kinda important when you learn to play the guitar that good..?

  7. Omg I have the same guitar but I don’t know what brand it is and wha type but um how did you learn to play cause I’ve been trying but givingup

  8. why does your bass have 6 string? weird

  9. Why does your bass has 6 strings? Weird.

  10. why does your BASS have 6 strings?? Weird

  11. A brilliant ending for a brilliant journey 😀

  12. Andrei Naramzoiu

    Why your bass have 6 srtings? Weird

  13. I also liked watching your guitar face develop

  14. So close no matter how farrrrrr

  15. her first solo: stairway to heaven
    my first solo: bohemian rhapsody

  16. If you were self taught over 2 years, what was your regiment like? Did you just search up random videos online? Or did you have a set plan? 😮

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