“Thunderstruck” Guitar Lesson – AC/DC

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  2. Once it hits 9:45 i completely lost it and couldn't follow. Marty if you could can you please reply with something so we can discuss the power chords to use and which notes, it would be much appreciated!!

  3. THUNDER!!!!!

  4. Your always fun to watch. Even if you don’t have a guitar.

  5. i know its written down as pick the note then pull off but angus picks each note..watch him

  6. Nate Archambault

    The intro would be easier and sound better of you didn't pick it. Great job

  7. Sleeper Last Night's Song

    if youre up for a bit of a challenge, i guess, you could look into making a guitar cover for Empire Of The Clouds by Iron Maiden. its more because of the songs length that i call it a challenge than anything.

  8. It is easier to play this with one hand

  9. Can you make a AC DC – rock or bust Guitar lesson?

  10. The thumbnail is me when I can finally play one Steve Vai lick

  11. The thumbnail Is me when I nut and she keeps sucking

  12. I'm learning this for my school talent show

  13. Grayson Baanante

    You Rock #Rock and roll

  14. Abhiroop Mukherjee

    Can you please teach us Its My Life

  15. 0990099099999999099


  16. Great video and a great SG! What amp settings do you use for AC/DC?

  17. so this is a beginner song right?

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