Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – AC/DC – Intro

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These Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson Videos will take you step by step through AC/DC’s classic from their Razor’s Edge album.

It features some tricky guitar work by Angus Young in the intro, and that intro is instantly recognizable all over the world.

The Thunderstruck Guitar Lesson Videos will clear up all confusion about exactly how Angus Young plays the intro in “Thunderstruck”. You will be playing this classic lick in no time!

Every note of this hard hitting track is dissected in these video guitar lessons including all the rhythm guitar parts and solo. This one is definitely a show stopper so sit down and get to work! Good luck!! 馃榾

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  1. Moooolto interessante!!!

  2. God damn its hard to learn

  3. Is this a normal electric guitar?, I'm planning to buy one

  4. If he picks the second part, explain WHY he has his right arm UP IN THE AIR while playing it? It'a all hammer ons and pull offs. Angus puts his right arm in the air

  5. so basicy you can play without that zero between chords?

  6. 讚讜专 驻专抓

    you realy helping to learn thanks

  7. ruud van de meeberg

    i'm a beginner in electric guitar. what do i need to get set starting lerning elc guitar? soz for the noob question;(

  8. Wait why I cant hear your pick

  9. Thank you
    now I can play it I'm just a kid my mum and dad are so proud of me and my grandad who taught me the guitar thanks

  10. Arthur Aguiar Lessa

    Thank you

  11. Robert encarnacion collado

    thanks bro

  12. I might just stick to playing mayonnaise

  13. my only problem is picking slow

  14. wow, the song i always thought was difficult to learn is actually pretty straight forward and somewhat easy. Thanks alot for the video!

  15. how do you get that sound on your guitar, i mean like that electro sound

  16. Great finger exercise

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