Thunderstruck Intro – AC/DC – Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

Thunderstruck Intro - AC/DC - Guitar Lesson✅✅🎵

**TABS FOR THIS LESSON:—Thunderstruck-Intro.php
Guitar Lesson on how to play the intro to Thunder struck by AC/DC
Tabs for this lesson available on my guitar lesson website:
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  1. Porco dio esiste in italiano non capisco un cazzo

  2. hi Friend ! I play the song too ! here the link !
    I Hope you like !

  3. Juliana's Jems

    trying picking it

  4. This was a lot easier than I thought lol thank you

  5. Thanks

  6. Unknown Player

    No no no!
    Don’t pull off

  7. Do you strum on open as well ? And can I play that on acoustic

  8. Wastisjri manan manan jsjsjsjskmanan

  9. That's something you should practice on my friend 😉 You're playing the off-notes (-and-) shorter than the full beats which misses the typical charakter of the song…sounding stoical like machinegun-fire…sorry to say that – I know it's not that easy what it looks like 😉 ! Tempo is nothing without timing they say….

  10. How TF does you guitar have an English accent?

  11. The Sonic Explorer

    I have the same guitar as you it seems I have an sg pro

  12. Fuck you

  13. Matt Fitzpatrick

    Thanks for sharing! Just starting to transfer the piece to piano accordion. Playing the drone 'B' on the bass button makes it easier than doing it all on the keyboard side. Lots of patience required, haha.

  14. Robert Johnson

    Thanks for posting this! Loved it!

  15. Thx dude!

  16. Not to be a dick but that's the incorrect way to play that it's not a hammer on and pull offs unfortunately the correct way he plays it is double picking every note starting with the upstroke and every notes you hammer down on is a downstroke but the whole leg has to be played with double stroke single pics

  17. Christian Merck Grey

    Who played it on acoustic

  18. Nightfallondecadence
  19. NerdyCatsForU '

    It's still to fast

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