Tiger King AKA Joe Exotic I Saw A Tiger Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Marty Exotic here! I’m breaking down I Saw A Tiger by the one and only Tiger King, Joe Exotic on acoustic guitars. You’re gonna need your capos for this big cat country song. Let’s play!

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  1. Vicente Hernandez

    Yo teach us some 7 string stuff

  2. Aaron J. Rushton-Pilling

    To begin with I am a big fan Marty and thanks for all the help BUT
    1 Joe exotic didn't sing this song, he lip sings in the video
    2 He is a tiger torturer, takes them out of their home and enjoys being with them because he had no life
    And 3 he and people like him are the reason why the rest of the world know Americans to be, well morons
    All respect to you
    I just don't believe in giving this scumbag attention.

  3. Finally!!! Been waiting for this gem.

  4. Literally laughed out loud when I saw your covered these.

  5. Marty! Can you do ‘Western Stars’ by Bruce Springsteen?

  6. Can you do a tutorial of dance dance dance by the beach boys

  7. Please do a tutorial on the misfits

  8. Hey Marty, could you do Heartbreak Station by Cinderella?

  9. Christian Daboll

    Can you do Fire and Rain by James Taylor

  10. Have a tutorial on how to play I Feel Fine from the Beatles

  11. Marcell Harianja

    pleasee make john mayer-comfortable tutorial marty

  12. Cody Waterhouse

    Can you do people are strange by the doors please!!!! Such a great sounding song and seems fun to play. I found some other videos on it but nothing compares to yours! Thanks Marty

  13. Kenneth Banuelos

    I'm gonna request Diamond- Holly Holy on every one of your videos from now on. Don't make me get annoying.

  14. I tried to play this but my guitar now has aids and I dont know what to do

  15. You should teach how to play The longest wave by Red Hot Chili Peppers

  16. Hi, thanks for the videos! Could you please to "Feels like we only go backwards" by Tame Impala? Thank you!

  17. John Prine – basically anything by him please

  18. Hi Marty Music channel I was wondering if you can do a video about my favorite guitarist Eddie Van Halen about his techniques and his guitar, and the origin of tapping. I would really appreciate it. Love your channel by the way I am a subscriber and I have liked your comments and videos

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