TIME AFTER TIME – JAZZ Guitar LESSON – Chord Melody Style + TAB!

Chord Melody, note for note jazz guitar tutorial on the JAZZ STANDARD Time After Time. TABS + Backing Tracks avialable!

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Time After Time is a classic jazz standard written by Jule Styne in 1946. It is often mistaken for the Pop classic sung by Cindy Lauper.

In this jazz guitar lesson, I’ll teach you my Time After Time chord melody version. I’ll show you all the jazz guitar chords including the melody for Time after Time.

I’ve made it slow and easy, the tempo is a little slower than the original. So you you can easily follow along the jazz chords.
I made this chord melody arrangement as simple as possible, without making it sound bland. I always try to put in some exciting changes / chords, while keeping the fingering simple.

When I figured there is no Time After Time jazz guitar tutorial chord melody style up here on youtube, I instantly knew I would have to make one myself. So here it is.
There is also a Time After Time TAB and BAcking tracks available. Just click one of the links above.

Help get this song the reputation it deserves. The Time after Time jazz standard is really underrated and should be performed a lot more.

Also check out my other chord melody lessons for great jazz standards here on my YT channel. I have hundreds up already!

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Hugs, Sandra 🙂


  1. Yea another of my favorite standards arranged by my favorite jazz guitarist! I have not commented as much lately, but still watching and treasuring every lesson you teach. I've FINALLY got mt PayPal account working after 5 years, not a tech guy, but will certainly be buying your tabs now that you can! Best wishes and much love.

  2. Jagger Contreras

    Cool sandra jazz.

  3. Syberoffense - Hacking With Kali Made Easy

    Great lesson! I've added the transcription to my collection. Thank you!

  4. James Shackelford

    Another great lesson can't wait to practice this song

  5. another favorite! thank you so much!

  6. What a wonderful arrangement you have made for this standard! ! Really thrilling without a doubt! ! Tomorrow morning i Will buy the full package! !Cheers
    , Ron

  7. Victor Formosa

    Another lovely arrangement, thank you Sandra.

  8. Fabulous , thank you.

  9. Alexander Altago

    Who's Cindy Lauper? 😉 Ok, I admit, I didn't know this song, but now I'll play it thank YOU!!!

  10. Bruce MacBride

    Another beautiful lesson

  11. Andis Galaxysvieractive

    You got me there for a second. I really though it's the Cindy Lauper song 🙂

  12. Grande maestra Sandy

  13. Jerry Milhomme

    Hi Sandra, I really appreciate what u are doing , I've learned a lot from you. Please I want Neo-Soul R&B Guitar Lessons. Thx in advanced

  14. Thank you for this lesson of this pretty classic tune. Is there any chance I could get an autographed photo of you? (asking for a friend…)

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