Time – Pink Floyd – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Time - Pink Floyd - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Pink Floyd song – Time, from The Dark Side of the Moon album. Loads more free movies can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk where you can find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here http://www.gofundme.com/guitar-tutor-man 🙂
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  1. Hi there – Please share my website (where you can find a song sheet for this video) via Twitter or Facebook if you get the chance.  Best wishes  – Alan 🙂   http://guitar.freemovies.co.uk/

  2. Jefferson Mc Cigrit

    Wait a minute. You just got right into the song. Are you sure you dont want to waste our time with some useless jibber jabber about who wrote or sang the song???. Or what yr it was?? Wow. What a concept.
    Ill have to tell the other 8000 guitar tutorials to stfu and just play.

  3. Rogério Carvalho

    A Pink Floyd classic for sure! Actually all their songs are classics! Do ya agree? Have a nice week friend!

  4. Miguel Moreno Martín

    Thanks from spain. Genial profesor. Un abrazo.

  5. Eu sou mau por baixar o vídeo converter p/ MP3 e colocar no meu celular para ouvir em off ?

  6. Henrique Oliveira

    Thank you so much from Brazil

  7. Bryce Ponnudurai

    Your videos are extremely helpful. At least for the level I’m at rn. Who needs explaining how to play it right. Just play it

  8. Wow great vid

  9. Daniel De Santiago

    Excelente cover! Saludos desde México

  10. I was hoping for solo but really good job

  11. Cosmos Misterios Y Curiosidades

    damn nice tutorial man!! you're a genius thankksss

  12. muy bien ,me gusta lo que hace,
    un saludo desde colombia (Y)

  13. Ticking away the moments
    That make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours
    In an off-hand way

    Kicking around on a piece of ground
    In your home town
    Waiting for someone or something
    To show you the way

    Tired of lying in the sunshine
    Staying home to watch the rain
    You are young and life is long
    And there is time to kill today

    And then the one day you find
    Ten years have got behind you
    No one told you when to run
    You missed the starting gun


    And you run and you run
    To catch up with the sun
    But it's sinking

    Racing around
    To come up behind you again

    The sun is the same
    In a relative way
    But you're older

    Shorter of breath
    And one day closer to death

    Every year is getting shorter
    Never seem to find the time

    Plans that either come to naught
    Or half a page of scribbled lines

    Hanging on in quiet desperation
    Is the English way

    The time is gone
    The song is over
    Thought I'd something more to say

    Home again
    I like to be here
    When I can

    When I come home
    Cold and tired
    It's good to warm my bones
    Beside the fire

    Far away
    Across the field
    Tolling on the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    To hear the softly spoken magic spell…

  14. Wonderful voice, really. I'm amazed

  15. sebastian araneda

    Thanks a lot for the lesson.
    Cheers from Chile!

  16. thanks Alan !! from France !

  17. Thank you…

  18. Great cover thank you so mucho formar making posible to me play it on muy acoustic guitar

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