Titanium Guitar Lesson Tutorial (Acoustic) David Guetta/ Sia

Titanium Guitar Lesson Tutorial (Acoustic) David Guetta/ Sia

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  1. <3

  2. Dota 2 Entertaining

    how to get a muted sound?

  3. what Yamaha you have?

  4. Why must we hold down the 4th string even though we don't play it? Sorry I'm new to guitar.

  5. awesome tutorial! ty so very much!,
    I cant get the muted sound using a hella cheap classic guitar, is it because its classic?

  6. Hello Andy, very well done pal.

  7. thx soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this basicly saved me a month of time trying to decript the song

  8. Thanks Andy. Very few subscribers and views for such a great musician. keep up the great work buddy!

    Moe from Alabama.

  9. Andy can you please make a tutorial for ziggy alberts' used to??

  10. Heh. 69 likes

  11. i liked this 😀 imma learn it soon, what capo are you using here Andy? someone plz help :)))

  12. your jellynote adds are blocking everything on my phone because they dont work it says

  13. Thanks andy

  14. Andy you legend

  15. Hi Andy. .well done matey . Love from Michigan.

  16. Hi andy…..
    Great work as always…. Keep going buddy.!

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