Tom Petty Guitar Lesson – How to Play Wildflowers – Acoustic Songs on guitar – Tutorial

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–

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Tom Petty Guitar Lesson – How to Play Wildflowers – Acoustic Songs on guitar – Tutorial by marty schwartz
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  1. Awesome thank you.

  2. Loved playin mando to learn this great Tom Petty song! Thank so much for an excellent experience!

  3. Joseph O'Donnell

    this said no kapo

  4. Really like how you sing the chords as you’re playing them!! God Bless

  5. Jessica Layton

    Marty, you are such a good teacher.

  6. fabulous simple progression – & am digging capo up high – sounds like a mandolin. poor index finger “he’s not invited.” hilarious.

  7. hey play the rhythm strums to Candy by Tom Petty somebody, please

  8. You have such a logical and fun way of teaching. A true gift. My daughter plays ukelele, I play guitar. She wants to learn this song. She's 10 years old, and already has great taste. Thank you. Taylor guitars….

  9. Oscar Velasquez

    You’re the man…

  10. girlvstheplanet

    If you’re in 2018 or 2019, like this comment

  11. You are the man ..

  12. Excellent!! Thanks

  13. 6:15

    I think the 2nd chord in the bridge is C major, not an "F walkdown". Nonethess, you sound great!

  14. I enjoyed this lesson of one of my favorite Petty songs and am inspired to start practicing right away. I look forward to the next one, and you do his music proud.

  15. nicely done

  16. You are awesome Marty. I often turn to you when I just don't have time to figure out a tune myself and as a teacher I regularly direct my students to your videos. You are one of the best instructors out there!
    Many thanks

  17. Dude – this song swings – it’s not played straight 4’s like this.

  18. Awesome!

  19. THANK YOU MARTY….YOU BREAK IT DOWN SO NICELY FOR US who are are trying to this beautiful song! YOU ARE AWESOME!

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