Tom Petty – Mary Jane Style Chord Progression – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY

Tom Petty – Mary Jane Style Chord Progression – Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EASY Brett Papa papastache102 papastachepop papastachecountry papastache


  1. Love it your tutorial helped alot.

  2. i love it now ….. i can play it thanks mike

  3. Papa, completely awesome tutorial. I'm an old Padawan (48) just starting to learn to play guitar. Wish I could say I was frozen in time but I'm not Steve Rogers. However, you are the Yoda of guitar teachers. This tutorial was very helpful to me, all the way from the strum pattern through the chord progressions and the little extras. I've subscribed. Keep up the great work.

  4. Nope. Try again.

  5. Nice job, papa, I dig your vibe. I'm a not so young beginner and I thought this video was great. I was really not familiar with these techniques, but man, they make a big difference! Thanks!

  6. Hey Papa, are you Italian? You use your hands more than my Italian mother in law!! Thanks for breaking songs down and making them easy to pickup!! Keep rockin! I will be checkin in.

  7. Love Petty and this lesson, would like to hear more Petty and love the ZZTop lessons too.  I can practice the Texas boogie on acoustic and then plug in to hear how it sounds.

  8. Hi, here I am in Sweden lookin´ at your cool uploaded lessons and wow do I like your style and how you present the stuff. Really nice and easy to follow. Keep it up! YouTube is a great forum.

  9. hey wassup im really stoked to be getting this super beefed up lesson here in the good old uk right now keep it up stachio 

  10. Yo Papa! .. easy peasy! .. like your stye  .. easy to pick up and play and to sound awesome on my .. DEAN MLX! loving it! Tom Petty has some great tunes! Do you play any .. harmonica? that would be awesome! thanks Papa! – Mike 😛

  11. This is impressive! You break it down quite nicely. You make it accessible to those of us who are new or just really rusty!! A million thanks!

  12. Robin Warrenfeltz

    This is gonna be so much fun! Thank you Papa. You are very easy to understand and nice on my eyes 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  13. Jos Van Suchtelen

    Many tanks for your lessons and detailed instructions, I´m in the age of 60, and I´m honest did not touch my guitar for a decade, now I´m learning thanks to you and your enthusiastic way to learn and a make a real sound with accords, some of them I could remember, I´m a high fan of the Birds who I saw performing live in Holland 1971, now I very like Tom Petty, with your lessons, I can feel a little bit like them, sounds silly, but give a boost learning more, Keep on teaching us, Thanks for all your patience and efforts.! Appreciate very much!

  14. Can you do a tutorial for Sad – Pearl Jam love the vids man! Thx

  15. I'm not really a beginner – but that is really good information there.  I learned alot and it has improved my playing greatly.  You just explained what it is we all like about tom petty's playing.  ( and many others)

  16. Jonathan Lagasse

    Does your stache play guitar? Love the videos thanks for putting in the time 

  17. Oh my my, oh hell yea!!

  18. Can you please do Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd????

  19. Thank you for you time and efforts. I've been playing minor penatonic scales with most of my music. did not know, well I did but didnt know how to stay in key tru-out the length of the neck. it's embarrassing actually as long as I've been playing. Please continue to do what you do. Thanks, johnny1x. 

  20. Philippe Clement

    Aerosmith: Just Push Play this song is amazing i really want to learn it if you can do this song it would be much appreciated!

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