Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Lesson – House of the Rising Sun Breakdown

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  1. I love the way Tommy gives his playing a "zooty-yat-da-da-da" bouncy feel. Very much like ragtime playing, in general. He does the same to Deep River Blues. Punchy and Fun to embrace in one's playing. BTW: I recently learned that the gear icon in the window allows you to alter the playback speed! Listening to Tommy's, even slower demonstrations, at .75% brings it home. This is a priceless lesson, unattainable just a few decades back. If a young player isn't taking a lesson everyday on YT they are missing a world of knowledge.

  2. Okay, so the guitar sits on my right knee and the strap goes over my left shoulder. Then what?

  3. Remember not to get discouraged thinking "man I'll never make it to Tommy's level…" because first of all there are few guitarists living or dead who ever make it to "Tommy's level" and secondly it's not about levels, it's about expressing yourself on your instrument.Don't worry about what you've achieved technically. I don't mean to say don't bother trying to advance your technique, just do so from a musical perspective. For example say you're learning The House of The Rising Sun on your own and you hear an original idea pop into your head. Take the time to work out that idea even if it means (or rather especially if it means)having to develop a new technique to realize said idea.THAT is the way to think about advancing not by sitting there going over a major scale for an hour. Again YES, technique is important and so of course are scales, but try not to devote ALL of your time to the dry and unmusical repetition of scales. Think MUSIC.

  4. The song be leadbelly is different. Not the same one like you say

  5. Phillip Mullins

    Much respect… From the USA are u familiar with Tony Rice.. I used to be a teacher I lost my right pinky n 2014 but I still play used to rest with it… To flatpick

  6. All my loving to Tommy 🙂

  7. Tommy's energy is just unparalleled. That lick is absolutely genius in every way. Cheers!

  8. I could quit my day job and watch this guy all day long…………….

  9. You sir are awesome! I have more trouble breathing in and out than you had playing that. In my defense, you have enjoyed more years playing guitar than I have yet enjoyed breathing.

  10. Stuart Wallace

    Thanks Tommy what an inspirational musician

  11. Everytime I watch this video I learn a little new thing.

  12. Just seen Tommy lessons other day mannn wish I had seen them years ago this Travis picking in his other video has totally changed my guitar playing took his advice and taped my fingers down till got the thumb action legendary

  13. Wow just wonderful. I’m not capable of playing it as so wonderfully presented. Just great to see a master show his stuff. ❤️

  14. Great video. I love it a lot. It looks so simple but we keep on going. Thanks Tommie, you are great.

  15. Douglas Bright

    And the guitar case goes shut and put up for sale on reverb

  16. Best Version i ever heard .Thanks Master.

  17. Phillip Idunate

    Tommy, as someone who absolutely adores your playing, thank you so much for sharing your time and thoughts with us. What a gift and pleasure to hear and watch you.

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