Tomo Fujita Guitar Lesson #7 / Making blues phrase from melody

Tomo Fujita Guitar Lesson #7 / Making blues phrase from melody

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My guitar lesson #7 will learn about blues melody and learn how to make phrasing ideas from melody.

What do you think when you play blues solo? Most people think about pentatonic scale? I need “melody” first then I can feel about phrases.

To me, it’s so important about “melody” (theme)first before soloing over blues. Melody can help to develop good phrases.

1) Let’s learn this melody! It’s key of Bb. First phrase is staring M3 to 5th by chromatic. Basically 3rd & 5th (Triad!) It’s not so difficult so you can learn it slowly.

2) Simple blues phrase is using RT CH(chromatic) M3 5th M6 RT on Bb7. Then RT M3 5th 6th b7 on Eb7… To me, it’s triad plus 6th and b7th…like bass line or horn line.

3) Based on this melody, I made these blues solo phrases. Start with Root and M3 notes. You can hear this phrasing from this video. Two types: One is going up… other one is going down… very useful phrases.

4) Set a metronome on 45 (2 & 4)
I played this melody twice and solo phrase twice.
Please try it like this.

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Lesson #7 / Making blues phrase from melody

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  1. Great lesson man. I'm going dive into these in the morning. I love simple tasty blues licks.

  2. Thank you so much for these vids Tomo. I have a question about your Skype lessons. Are they free or paid? I might take them if I'm free of school work

  3. I'm getting closer to my goals .. The struggle is real! Thank you Tomo!

  4. Can't thank you enough for the great lesson and the ideas you share. Lucky to have found your channel.

  5. Never stop making these videos <3

  6. Great as always!! Thanks for sharing your talent and teaching!! What are your thoughts on using a strat for jazz?

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  8. Beautiful thank you

  9. I played Blue Monk at a jam session last night! Thank you for the analysis, very cool!

  10. Great lesson as usual and very cool guitar…! I always like chromatic licks.

  11. Great lesson again. Greetings from Vienna /Austria!

  12. Nicolás González

    Great lesson! and what a nice guitar

  13. Zen LifeStyle and Manners Show

    Keep it up!

  14. That was amazing. The 'Autumn Leaves' melody, right? That is so kismet for me as I have been working on this song. This is so helpful. Thank you.

  15. Matangaro Matangaro


  16. Wonderful teaching! Thank you!

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