Tool – Sober – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How to play teach learn Tool Sober on acoustic guitar cover tutorial lesson with tabs free online youtube easy beginner by Ryan Puskarich **Lesson done by request @ rpguitarvids**

Taylor 214ce-G
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Elixir Nanoweb Custon Light Strings 11-52

Dunlop Gator .58mm picks

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  1. Imagine paying $2000 to $6000 for a guitar

  2. What does the G mean in the Taylor 214CE-G. I know C means cutaway and E means it has the new electronics but idk what the G is

  3. Is there a way to combine the two guitars into one track?

  4. Princess Sarah O

    Please can you teach me?

  5. How would you go about doing a single guitar version of this? I would like to play this around a campfire without bringing my looper.

  6. U MAKE IT SIMPLE!!! u rule!!! all hu thumbs down like Limp bizkit

  7. Mister you got very good lessons. AIC and others. Helped a lot. I appreciate it a thank you. Best whishes and thumbs up!

  8. Alejandro Veltri

    Hi, great tutorial! Now a somehow related question: did you choose Taylor 214 for any reason (for example, over de 114?? and how did you record the guitar on the video? great sound!

  9. Best cover ever!!!

  10. This is Stainds version

  11. Dakota K. Willson

    Trying to learn this song in its entirety.
    Great tutorial.

    Do you (or anyone else) know the name to the third chord used? I recently used it in a song I wrote and can't find a solid name anywhere at all.

    (D open, g 3rd, b 3rd, and e open)

  12. Good shit. Thank you.

  13. I meant drop D down a half step= drop C#

  14. Aren't you really playing this in drop c but if it's drop down a half step it's actually drop C#

  15. holy shit a too; tutoria; and acoustic, insta sub, nd yep imma bout to troll ur page till i can play hahaha ty

  16. Akshay Worlikar

    which editing software did you use ?

  17. tremendo tutorial, gracias

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