Tool Sober Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Tool Sober Guitar Lesson + Tutorial

Hey guys! Today I’ll be teaching you Sober by Tool!! In honor of their new album Fear Inoculum, I’ve decided to break down one of their classic tunes! I get a lot of requests for their songs but due to their complex nature, it takes a while to get to them. So if you want to see more from Tool, hit that like button and let me know down in the comments!

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Tool Sober:
Fear Inoculum:

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  1. My uncle is the main photographer for Tool/ A Perfect Circle/ Pucifur

  2. Finally a tool song do more please

  3. Really enjoying you playing some tool

  4. Audio quality is killer

  5. David guitar madman

    More drop D tutorials pleeeeeze! And thanks!

  6. TOOL! Yessss!

  7. Please do Father Of All … by green day marty!!!

  8. Marty never played in 5/4 before his mind is breaking

  9. 1.56 mil subs wow Marty u deserve it your so good at what u do. keep on rockin.

  10. CoC – Clean my Wounds

  11. Alexzander Rodriguez

    Awesome video can you do Adam’s apple by Aerosmith

  12. Mordechai II Yadegar

    Can you play the unforgiven by Metallica

  13. Hey Marty! Can you plz do a guitar lesson on ukiak by sume, it’s a Greenlandic song and I really wanna learn it!

  14. Do invincible by tool

  15. Sebastián Cantarini

    Finally a Tool lesson!

  16. Can you please do a full play through of what you're teaching at the end for the more advanced players. Thanks Marty

  17. I'm so glad you are doing tool stuff ‼‼

  18. Make a lesson on foamf

  19. Thanks Marty can you do breaking Benjamin, give me a sign,acoustic plz

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