Top 10 Bass Arpeggio Shapes You MUST Know! – Online Bass Lessons

Arpeggios are a bass player’s LIFELINE! Bass arpeggios allow you to connect chords and create movement within a chord progression. This online bass lesson is a one-stop shop for the most commonly-used arpeggio shapes found in standard bass lines.

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  1. I have to agree that having no visible dots made it difficult to track the playing. An additional camera angle from above could be useful. The tone is clear, which is a definite plus. Some other such lessons don't pick up half the sound. I noticed tone and volume first, then realized there were no reference markers.

  2. At 10:12 If you were black, then it would be considered proper black English!

  3. Suggestion to improve your teaching…. Posting to youtube touches a wide audience, and you do not know the level of each player watching. Assume that some (you mentioned beginners, for example) will be greatly helped by an instrument with position markers (dots, blocks, etc) in their standard locations. You are obviously fairly far along in your playing. All learners are not the same. Lastly, slow down a bit in terms of your method of presenting the material. SUPER CONTENT. 🙂

  4. This is the best appegio bass lesson so far ve ever seen, thanks for that information

  5. mind = blown

  6. It's more difficult to learn, because your bass have not dots.

  7. No expectation for


  8. My go to arpeggio for a little something different is the augmented

  9. I do not understand dominant chords or arpeggios. When do we use them? Over what chords? Could you give me an example of a song that I could use a dominant chord or arpeggio in. In order to retain this information, I need a practical use to apply it to.

  10. Mark, for someone who JUST picked up a bass for the first time, what lessons do you recommend they do FIRST?

  11. Great stuff Mark! Love having more stuff on YouTube, so I can share it with people and bring them over to the site!

  12. Good thing you took a 4 string for this lesson. A bass with dots would also be helpfull for the viewer.

  13. Thank you Mark fr this lesson. What you say at 5:57 about the relation between notes into an arpeggio is not only useful to understand the arpeggio as itself, but to move easier from one chord to another thanks to these relation and eventual common parts/intervals into chords. Thank you again for opening my mind about this.

  14. Hey Mark, I have a question. I'm looking to save up for and design a thumb bass like what you play and I was wondering about how much they cost. I was trying to find a price tag for a 6 string Thumb NT for about an hour earlier today and found nothing on the Warwick site.

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