Top 10 ULTIMATE Bass Guitar Hacks… in Under 10 Minutes!

Top 10 ULTIMATE Bass Guitar Hacks... in Under 10 Minutes!

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I thought it’d be fun to share my top 10 secret stealthy bass tips! 😉

Here’s some of the stuff I cover in this lesson:

— The tea towel bass stand trick
— How to make your own strap locks (for under !)
— How to board a flight without getting asked to check in your bass
— And even more cool bass hacks!

Oh… and don’t miss #10… I need your help with it! 😉

As always, see you in the shed…

Scott 🙂


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  1. Badsector Audio

    My top bass hack is for reaching the upper register. I use a guitarist's footstool and rest the lower curve on my left leg so the bass is positioned more like a classical guitar.

  2. zombies are smashed

    my best to is use a pick, but it has to be over 1.20mm

  3. Whiskey Foxtrot

    two things: first, I use the heaviest strings I can find–heavy strings require higher tension, and produce a truer tone. I like my E string to be at least a 110 or (harder to find) 115. Second, incorporate rests into your playing. beginning players just play continuously. experienced players understand how the absence of notes can produce an even more dynamic bass line. seek opportunities to work in rests and break up your playing.

  4. Don't know if this is  a "hack", but I've found that a 5 string offers a lot more than 4 more notes. When adding the low B string ("standard" 5 string tuning), you can reposition your fretting hand into more comfortable position (at least for me). For example, you can work stuff in E from the 5th fret rather then all the way down at the nut. This was a huge unexpected benefit and easily makes the slight 5 string learning curve worth it.

  5. Anthony Delamont

    #10) Always make sure you are the weakest player in your band. Always striving upward helps keep your improvement constant. Also, if everyone is better than you, you tend to practice more.

  6. My top hack: play a gig as soon as you can, nothing like a specific time pressure to get your skills pushed to that next level.

  7. hey scott
    how about a lesson about the (for me extraordinary) difficult topic of playing bass and singing/talking simultaniously? i really tried hard to learn verbal communicatin while jamming and sometimes it works out; but most of the time it seems like my brain isn't able to combine grooving and rational communication (not to speak of singing). you would become my upmost hero if you would spread some practice tips to this…. How about that?

  8. I have been playing bass at the Venice Beach drum circle (with a battery powered amp), and it's the absolute best for making me think/feel rhythmically, like a drummer. I mostly play roots and octaves, and occasionally fifths and minor 3rd's or minor 7th's for flair, but never play melodic riffs… just rhythms, as if each note on my bass was a drum. As long as I play with the spirit of a drummer, it doesn't piss anyone off at the circle, and tons of people have told me how the bass totally makes the experience.

  9. i see your still using those tapewounds..gotta try them. great tea towel hack!

    also: is the harmonic tuning technique good for 6 string guitar too? seems like it would. ill have to try.

  10. My #10: Tap your foot all the time. I had a hard time tapping my foot to keep time when I started. So I started tapping to every band I saw, every song I listened to (except when driving), any opportunity to tap in time with something. Now it happens naturally and my time keeping is solid.

  11. same as washer Grolsch flip top rubbers for strap holders handy at pub gigs

  12. Андрей Шомин

    the simple way to check your bass tunng when you can't hear it and don't have a tuner is harminics on 5 and 7 frets and the vibrations of the neck. just play a 5 fret harmonic on e-string and 7 fret harmonic on a-string at the same time, put your right hand on guitar body and you will feel dissonance with your hands. always using this metod, because you can clearly hear the dissonance instead using 5th fret and open string.

  13. bass hack. have talent/be good at playing

  14. Melody Cristea

    Boil your used up strings, and make them sound like a new set of strings.

  15. My #10 hack: I used to boil my roundwound strings in water to bring them back to life. And it did, if only momentarily. But they'd also exhibit funky harmonic overtones sometimes (Depending on the string brand). Now I use a 50/50 or 60/40 blend of white vinegar and water and let them soak for at least an hour. The result is resurrected but broken in feeling strings that last me at least a week or two of continuous playing with no weird overtones. I keep 2 other boiled sets in ziplock bags and I rotate my sets as needed. I haven't needed to buy new strings in well over a year.

  16. practice standing as well as seated.

  17. Thanks for the Info!

  18. not quite the same thing but I always have two or three rubber door stops in my gig bag… ever tried carrying your cabs from the car to the stage through the back of a venue? wedge the doors open first, makes life easier. oh and a mag light…

  19. Find a spot where you can play with both wrists straight, this will keep you from having the bilateral carpal tunnel surgery that I had. Playing hand around mid abdomen and at about a 45 degree angle you can keep your fretting hand straight. It also helps a lot with building your speed.

  20. My hack would be: be open to being open. Whether during performances, rehearsals, individual practice time, or making sense of concepts. Nothing can hinder your growth as a musician or as a person more than refusing to change or adjust due to preconceived notions that you feel you must adhere to. Take a step into the unknown and surprise yourself, and maybe something great will happen. At the very least you'll learn something. Thank you Scott for being open!!

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