Top 12 guitar lessons from 2019

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Hey there my friends! Out of the 74 lessons I posted last year (2019), here’s a quick rundown of the 12 most popular based on YouTube likes. Be sure to check out my website to find all these full videos and the matching PDF chord sheets to accompany each video.

You’re now able to search by lesson number on my website, which is a helpful way to quickly track down any of these videos. Links to each song are below. Enjoy, and thanks so much for all the support you all continue to provide!

– David Pots.

Colter Wall’s Sleeping on the Blacktop intro riff

Adding fills to the Wild Horses intro

Fingerstyle Walkdown Exercise (Key of C)

California Dreamin’ by Jose Feliciano
(from “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”)

D-Cadd9-G riffin’ on “Thank You” and “Can’t You See”

Cowboy chords & walking bass lines

Acoustic triad exercises using A, D, & E

Adding flair to the C, G, Am & F chords

St. James Infirmary Blues

“I Walk The Line” (intro riff) by Johnny Cash

“Surf Rider” by The Lively Ones

“Heart of Gold” by Neil Young

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  1. Thanks for the videos David!
    I always appreciate the work you put into everything.

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