Top 5 Acoustic Strumming Patterns by Steve Stine – Guitarzoom

Top 5 Acoustic Strumming Patterns by Steve Stine - Guitarzoom

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  1. Many thanks to Paris in France Steve, for your excellent pedagogy, your kindness and your encouragement to beginners. I am so happy to progress with your free lessons. Your passion is communicative and brings me a lot in my solo learning of folk and classical guitar. May God bless you for your generosity to us.

  2. Forestar Syiemlieh

    Sir I'm a beginer so please teach me how to sturming

  3. Javier LIVAS-CANTU

    Best explanation ever!!

  4. Hey, Steve thanks for all great guitar lessons, been super helpful for me and I'm sure all of us. I've a request if you can tell us how to strum like you did before you were actually explaining the lesson. The playing and there were some fast movement in the rhythm which you didn't explain. I've been trying to do that for a long time but when I do all rhythm goes unbalanced. Pls do explain or make a new lesson for that tiny fast movement within the rhythm some good guitarist do. Many thanks

  5. ur ugly

  6. Thanks

  7. I love this guy.

  8. Thanks, Steve. This was very helpful. Greetings from Charlotte, NC.

  9. The link to the free pdf doesn't seem to work for me – any suggestions ?

  10. Are you using a pic? I just cant quite see!

  11. Understand the way your teach. Its really helpful thank you so much

  12. Just finished session, very helpful, can understand your method. Now to apply. Big thanks!

  13. Sir, can you please upload video on palm muting?

  14. Very helpful, thanks!

  15. Need to learn chord finger placement

  16. God bless you brother ❤

  17. Finally someone that makes sense lol

  18. Excellent. Your instruction could not be improved.

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