Top 5 Easy Bass Scales For Beginners

In this lesson I’m going to work through the 5 most useful scales for beginners (in my opinion)

All lesson material can be downloaded here:

Top 5 Easy Bass Scales For Beginners

Other scales lessons can be found below:

The Major Scale:

The Natural Minor Scale:

The Blues Scale:

The Minor Pentatonic Scale:

Pentatonic Runs 1:

Pentatonic Runs 2:

Pentatonic Runs 3:

Minor Pentatonic Fills:

Minor Pentatonic All Over The Fretboard:

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  1. What bass guitar are you using sir?

  2. Very cool lesson, Thank You !!

  3. thank you so much..lots of info , but not overwhelming…its so direct , brief and concise….I love your teaching style….thank you again…learned a lot

  4. Hi! Thanks for the videos, is time to learn! Bless!

  5. Just stumbled across this video as I am attempting to learn bass, and I wanted to say I think you are a very good teacher. Very well explained and great pacing, this video was very helpful!

  6. thank you so much for making these lessons.

  7. Extremely helpful, thanks so much for the vid

  8. Great video..outstanding lesson! Makes perfect sense with the order of scales.

  9. Your pinky sure is friendly. It's always waving Hello:)

  10. sajberkurajber0167

    Great vid. Best about basic bass scales

  11. Well done very helpful

  12. Thank you, your lessons helped a lot

  13. nyc teaching….motivated

  14. cheers mate, really clear and useful video

  15. Great video

  16. Mark, I'd probably double check your camera and/or encoding settings. The 50 FPS looks a bit unnatural, at least from an iPhone 6. Causing a lot of video acceleration / deceleration.

  17. so easy to follow and great teaching style.. thank you!

  18. one person could not bass

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