Top 5 Things Every Intermediate Guitar Player Should Know

Top 5 Things Every Intermediate Guitar Player Should Know

In this lesson you will learn all about my top 5 things every intermediate guitar player should know. For more guitar lessons and free resources go to today.


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  1. A sage would cut the crap and get to the wisdom, not waste our time with hot air about how great he is. This isn't intermediate, it's beginner. Intermediate ego trippin more like it.

  2. What level of guitarist am I if I can solo like Jimi Hendrix and I also have the exact style as Jimi (not as good as him, but very similar) but then again I still don't know what skill level I am… Someone please answer because I really want to know what skill level I am and I am usually a blues style of playing guy.

  3. Colten McCauley

    I'm pretty sure roman numeral analysis of keys has been around long before Nashville was even founded…

  4. Madushanka Fernando

    is just me or do you look disturbingly like James Hetfield :D

  5. Jayant Golchha


  6. MIchael Fireborn

    Seriously? Where is the lesson? Snoooooooze. Waste of time too many plugs for other stuff.

  7. Your idea of the "tonics" of the song is bullshit, dude. I do believe you know how to play guitar, but once you tell people how to play it your way and not their own, you no longer become a teacher, but a guitar dictator. People are free to make songs of their own accord, not just by your standards.

  8. IllegalTendenciesStudios

    No teacher wants to waste their time, heard that from a lot of teachers but never on here. At least it's honest.

  9. ive been playing/studying music 25 years and never heard it called a Nashville number system

  10. how can you trust a guitar teacher who fucking hits the guitar body with his plectrum as he picks notes? that's not how you play an acoustic guitar, imagine how bad that would sound with it mic'ed up!

  11. The Veggie Cyclist


  12. Good stuff for beginners turning into intermediate players! Love the number system… Just can't remember the progress for every note.

  13. Really? 20 a G?

    Nice vid buddy,Im lookin for sumthin like "how to scare ur guitar player and bass player with a bomb in ur bass drum,by keith moon"

  14. Information starts at 1:56

  15. Are you Ryan Reynolds' dad?

  16. This is some long-winded ass shit. Practice chords in different positions, learning numbers. Pointless. Intermediate players should be applying the fundamentals to honing their technique and rhythm, learning more complex chord progressions and chord arrangements (like adding 7ths)… not spending time in a quagmire of technicalities on different bar chord positions. It isn't fun and you don't sound cool doing it. Have you forgotten the reason you started playing guitar?

  17. This guy havent really said shit…..he should run for politics with his bullshit.

  18. Michelle Lauren

    He talks a lot but doesn't say anything …….

  19. Video essentially starts at 2:17

  20. I am The walrus, coco-cochoo

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