town called malice by the jam / paul weller acoustic guitar lesson

my lesson of this classic weller tune,


  1. Don't know start. Accoustic do you? Not a brand new start, the jam one

  2. Wicked video, so boring though, thanks anyway 😉

  3. Sterling work! 😉

  4. Hi great stuff mate can i ask is that a epiphone ej200? If so can i just ask i have just got one maple but yours looks darker will mine change to a darker colour later on thanks

  5. nice work. you play very well. and you're singing's alrite 🙂 I love when the riff comes back in the chorus. TUNE!

  6. BobDylansNumber1Fan

    well done man ill be tryin your vids out 2mo…seem easy to play for when im pissed at a session..:P

  7. Great vid. For me the main riff used to be a bit of a stretch, get easier as the hands loosen up a bit.

    I play this version on my Telecaster as well and it sounds alright. 🙂

  8. Moira Sanderson Welsh

    guitar very good , leave the singing to weller mate 🙂

  9. great vid, made my day when i learned this cracker lol, and could i request weller "english rose" please, if u could that would be magic pal.

  10. only a 10!!!! ha ha. cheers mate

  11. hi rob, thanks bud

  12. thanks mate

  13. hello mate, i can play a few arctic ones but they sound better on the electric. i'll try and do a few soon though.

  14. i'll try and post it soon for you pal.

  15. thanks pal

  16. no probs pal

  17. love that dvd mikey, cheers mate

  18. will do dan. thanks mate.

  19. thats the sort of lesson we want, im sure everyone at an intermediate level would agree.
    well done ill rate it 10

  20. Brilliant lesson again mate

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