Tracy Chapman Fast Car Guitar Tutorial + Lesson

Fast car, fast guitar solos, fast everything! Tune into this classic 90’s tune easy acoustic guitar lesson for Fast Car by Tracy Chapman.

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  1. Thanks for the lesson man!

  2. Ana Paloma T. Jácome

    In the transition from C to the 2nd chord, you can just put the pinky finger on the 5fth

  3. Thank you guys. To be continued

  4. The Beast from The Southeast

    Another great song and Lesson! Your the best Marty!!

  5. I remember listening to this song in my moms car .

  6. Do you need a capo for this?

  7. Eduardo Siqueira Filho

    You made it SO easy and enjoyable to learn! One of the best tutorials I've ever seen. God bless you bro

  8. You have my respect buddy!!!!

  9. Thanks Marty you made learning this song really easy.

  10. First, I love your videos. You're the man. Sooooo fun and helpful. My comment is only constructive criticism. My wife sings with me while I play. We struggled with the key and watched Chapman play it. I'm fairly positive she's tuned down a 1/2 step and capo on the third fret. Watch her play in Oakland and let me know if you agree.

  11. I dont like how you play something than dont show how to do it. That little run you did at the end I have to watch 100 times to figure it out just show it please. Bedside that great videos

  12. 6:11 thought my phone was about to die

  13. Sophus Emil Enggaard Hansen 8Y Skæring Skole

    Marty, you are simlpy making my days better. Keep up the good work(: Your the best!

  14. wait.. you didn't teach the slidy part!! 🙁 </3

  15. @6:45 – Marty has an "Episode"

  16. One of the best channels on how to play guitar.

  17. Sometimes I rhyme slow


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