Train – Drops of Jupiter – Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons – Easy Acoustic Songs

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  1. Marty your awesome bro

  2. I really enjoy your lessons I learned so much Thanks a bunch.And I would love to have a c#ebook My address is 217Red Oak Flats Rd.My is Andrew Adams.

  3. please send me a book with cords

  4. Roberto Alverez

    marty is awesome

  5. Man you guy your wonderful sooo much

  6. It's cool man you can win her heart with that song

  7. Dude, you are a very good teacher – given that I am one of the suckiest guitarists in the world, and even I can keep up with these lessons. Thanks heaps for putting these videos up. I ain't no musician but playing a little guitar once in a while really lifts the spirits, know what I'm saying, so thanks again. All the best.

  8. Marty, Thank You! a couple of songs inspired me to up my guitar and your lessons help me immensely!

  9. I can't get this strumming pattern down. Help. 🙁

  10. So Marty I just want to say it seems like yesterday but I been with you since 2007 now. I'm still thanking you everyday. Have a great holiday season my brother. Lee

  11. thank you

  12. I just picked up the guitar the other day and you are the best teacher on here! You've taught me more than anyone else thank you for posting all your videos they help so much your a great teacher!!!

  13. Marty I have learned almost everything I know from you! Started playing when I was 12 and never took an actual lesson. I'm 16 now still learning from you! Thanks for the awesome videos.

  14. C G and F are the only chords for the entire song?

  15. hey marty i been playing for about 6 months now and you have taught me so much man thanks i am how ever having a problem with the strumming pattern on this song could you tell me in simple terms how many downs and ups for each cord thx

  16. My little sister was diagnosed with leukemia last week and this is her favorite song. I'm gonna learn it with your help and play it for her when she finally is able to come home from chemo. Thank you <3

  17. Sandara Madurapperuma

    You're wonderful.Thank you!

  18. I agree with what everyone is saying. I have to learn 6 new songs each week for Young Life in my high school and it's amazing that you have almost all of them. I typically fall asleep listening to one of your videos lol. Thank you got the time and effort, it's greatly appreciated.

  19. Thanks Marty.  I look forward to learning with ya every day… you're a great teacher and we appreciate you! 

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