Train–Hey, Soul Sister – Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Songs Lesson

Train--Hey, Soul Sister - Super Easy Beginner Acoustic Guitar Songs Lesson Free Chord and Scale book and other exclusive content not on youtube!!!
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This is a really fun acoustic tune that shouldn’t be too hard to learn! I hope this video guitar lesson helps!! thanks for the support!! I really appreciate it!

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  1. 3xtra Terrestrial

    Taking a hard pass on this song. It just doesn't sound right. Marty you the man

  2. I’m confused what that thing on the 4th fret is doing and what it does, I don’t have one…

  3. The Chorus is F, G, C, G, F… Not F, G, AM, C. It becomes too short and it doesn't match the original.

  4. someone needs to shoot that hat

  5. Just found this channel, absolutely amazing!

  6. idk im a lazy person but i just wrote this down so thank me later 😛 so= strum once st= strum twice
    capo on 4th fret
    strumming pattern DD DUDU

    f= st
    and then repeat the whole thing 3 times
    i think

  7. What tempo is this song in?

  8. Thanks Marty you’re awesome!

  9. You can try G D E C

  10. 2018 and still watching this.

  11. C G AM F G repeat .. chorus F G AM G F

  12. So cute

  13. Joseph Salinas Jr.

    I want you to play Red Solo Cup, plz.

  14. Thanks Marty! some day I would like total you fishing.

  15. Keep up the good word

  16. Thanks very much on the lesson that you give its helping a lot. I never try to play before well ill try to learn more from you keep up the good work

  17. Morgan Bollmeyer

    Thank you this really helped me

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