Train Train – Blackfoot – Guitar Lesson – How to play the chords and riffs

I had a request to show how to play the rhythm chords and guitar licks in Train Train by Blackfoot. Here is a detailed look at how to play these guitar riffs. Google “SGRox” for all my videos.
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  1. Are you using a pedal?

  2. Vincent Stagliano

    That was great! I've been trying to learn it since you posted. Gotta love Blackfoot. Thank you

  3. Outstanding! I love your no nonsense videos. Spot on accuracy. And some of the fastest fingers I have seen.

  4. Can you do a lesson on Blackfoot's Left Turn On a Red Light ?

  5. Trumpington Fanhurst

    Awesome. I wonder if you would ever consider learning and showing us "Green eyed Lady" by Sugarloaf. I didn't see it in your vids.
    That would be so cool.

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