Traveling Wilburys “Handle With Care” Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic Songs

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting "MartyMusic"! Also Free Courses at

  2. Can you do Vultures by Asking Alexandria

  3. please please make a video of 'lost on you' by lewis capaldi

  4. Gavin Libotte Guitar

    Nice pick work and love the wilbury's!

  5. Very good lesson, Marty! Thank you for posting it. You should post a gig clip with you and some others performing it.

  6. can you please teach see you again

  7. Marty! Do some Queens of the Stone Age please!!!

  8. Marty, you're the best. Rock on brother

  9. Hey 😀
    Could you do a tutorial for any Elliott Smith or Against Me! songs?

  10. Martin!! Hope 2018 is treating you well!

    Marty Music seems to be doing great!

  11. Awesome lessons Marty.Really enjoying them.Would you please explain the difference between The British and The American sound on amplifiers.

  12. Sexy rig ya got there, ha.
    Marty, I want to sincerely thank you for what u do and all you don't realize you do. When my daughter was born I decided go pick up a guitar, not thinking I would really have the time to play or learn much… 2 1/2 years later im addicted, and learned more than I could ever imagine. Long story short, you've given me the motivation and drive to do things I never thought possible. In it I've found more than just a hobby, but something that enabled me to weather the storm and quit living in the past. Thanks so much bro, keep on rockin!

  13. Marty you look great in dark colors! Greetings from Arizona!

  14. It would be awesome

  15. Hey Marty love your tutorialsSuggestion for a lessonRobot Rock by DaftpunkCause nobody has done a guitar lesson on that song before

  16. Cool stuff Marty! Thanks.

  17. Do jessie's girl

  18. Can you do a tutorial of Sick Boy by the chainsmokers?

  19. Saludos desde Chile, me encanta como enseñas, me gustaría un vídeo de "thinking about you" de Radiohead, gracias

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