Travis McCoy: Billionaire – Easy Songs to Learn on Acoustic Guitar – Guitar lessons Free Chord and Scale book when you sign my request list plus other free exclusive lessons not seen on youtube!!
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  1. its not reggae …

  2. U seem a lot less happier than u used to be….I hope u r doing well brother.
    BDW thmx for another amazing lesson

  3. Parker Productions

    this didn't help me at all because my fingers weren't long enough, No hate its just because i have really small fingers lol

  4. that outro killed me XD

  5. Thank you very muchBecause you share your skills with us by simple way.

  6. What's the tuning set to

  7. can you play one day

  8. you best guitar bilioneire

  9. I couldnt make the E at 1:15 augh..

  10. אליעד ורטמן

    cant play the A chord.. my classic guitar ends at the 12 fret, is that possible?

  11. hey Marty can u pls make a guitar duo with Gareth Evans pls

  12. Any tips on bar chords?? every time I play one, it hurts my hand

  13. He explains slowly so I can follow easily

  14. This guy is best

  15. Kirito Like Waffles

    Yep I'll never learn how to play this guitar wasted my money on crap .-. Im done first day and can't even learn the chords and such ugh im done

  16. you do really fun songs But can you teach people how to play When you leave plz its a really cool fun song plz plz teach it

  17. Mayuresh Chaphekar

    you play awesome
    can you upload videos for flamenco technique?

  18. thanks so much… muito obrigado, sou do Brasil, você está de parabéns

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