Travis Picking a Beginner’s Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson

Travis Picking a Beginner's Fingerpicking Guitar Lesson
Travis picking for easy guitar. A beginner’s acoustic guitar lesson. Fingerpicking and fingerstyle.


  1. Just as I was wondering how to work on my non-existent fingerpicking skills, I ran across this. Very helpful! I followed up by purchasing two favorite John Prine song lessons to practice on (and a couple Bob Dylans, one Led Zep, and downloaded a few of your free ones). Your lessons are really effective, thanks! I have to say that hearing myself able to make a decent imitation of the opening bars of Led Zeppelin's Rain Song yesterday was exhilarating.

  2. Yes this was brilliant. You made understanding all the important points easy. Thankyou.

  3. Travis Hunt YouTube PhD

    Great to see you used my picking method! I worked hard on it.

  4. Thank you for your generosity for sharing your know-how! Just wish your right hand fingerpicking frame is bigger than the left hand chord frame, as it is more crucial to see how and which strings you picked and in which order.

  5. Stephen Easterling

    Your big picture should be the right hand as that is what is being demonstrated and viewer is trying to see. It does no good to see a large picture of a left hand holding a chord that does not change.

  6. Thank you for a great lesson . Opens up a new World for me .

  7. Doesn't matter which finger notes you play as long as they are in the make up of the chord. Very good point. Thx.

  8. Thanks. This is the very best video on fingerpicking I've seen.

  9. Excellent teaching!!!

  10. Thank you .Great lesson .

  11. Thanks for the lesson. It’s interesting that Merle Travis often played with only his thumb and fore finger – as well as using all fingers at times. Great tutorial, cheers!

  12. Sweet. I think I finally found something I'd like to practice and have as a skill set when it comes to the guitar.. I just need to get me some thumb and finger picks. Those guitar strings wear my already thin nails down quick.

  13. Un grand merci à vous pour votre temps, et votre patience. Grâce à vous je peux désormais dire que je maîtrise le "Travys picking".

  14. very good lesson. THANK YOU!

  15. Thanks for this video. I'm just getting back into guitar playing after like 4 decades. So I appreciate you taking the time to teach us old-schoolers.

  16. Tom Goldsmith guitar

    Still not used to the term Travis picking and I've been playing for 16 years. hmm interesting stuff. Have I been missing out?

  17. Excellent tutorial. For help in "getting up to speed" a great method is to use an online metronome and set it as low as you need to to play the pattern correctly and then slowly increase the speed. Do this over a number of days. It's kind of tedious but effective.

  18. one of the best videos for beginner fingerpicking, period !

  19. Good lesson thanks

  20. Wonderful introduction to this basic pattern. John Denver and John Prine are good places to start. Jerry recently posted a Travis style lesson for Glen Campbell's Gentle on My Mind. Using exactly the same principles he introduces in this video. I search Jerry's site for "Travis" and find many lessons for songs. I'd love to play Jim Croce but that requires an entirely different fingerstyle pattern. Eventually I'll be ready to try Croce's songs.

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